Sunday, January 13, 2013


A lot of times I end up with fabrics--whether large or remnant pieces--that coordinate well together.  This could be a result of my overall taste in fabric, print, and colors.  Most recently while playing around in my large reservoir of scraps I came across some colors and patterns that caught my attention.  Some weeks back I constructed a simple halter style dress from a piece of turquoise knit that was left over from a custom order.  I hadn't quite decided what I wanted to do with it until 3 other pieces jumped out at me.

I ended up adding the orange piece (left over from when I made this )to the turquoise. The black and white stripe fabric comes from a piece that I've had for over a year but hadn't quite decided how I'd use it. The African print piece was cut from a dress given to me by a lady I sew for who has some of the best African print and style clothing in town.  The dress was cute but needed some work to make it fit right.  Instead of doing that, I decided to cut it up and use it for the fabric. :-)

I meditated on these fabrics for a couple of days, determining how I could coordinate them all together without it looking forced.  In the end, though, the stripes lost out on this one. The stark white conflicted too much with the beige in the African print. Also, the stripes were too wide. Pin stripe black and beige fabric would have been a better fit with the rest of the set up.  So, I just went with the print.

And, since I typically prefer asymmetry over symmetry, I pieced the collar together to get the effect you see here. 

I do still very much like the black/white stripe fabric with the turquoise and orange, so I'll be adding another fabric or two to those and making another garment.


Speaking of unintentionally having fabrics that work well together, I am just stoked over how well this dress goes with my Ini Vibez fabric bangles!

If you decide you'd like to purchase this dress, and even if you don't (but I suggest you do!), I highly recommend that you get a set of these bangles! They're so divinely fly!


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HOT!!!!!!!!!!! and give thanks for the shout out!!!