Sunday, January 20, 2013

On Hand

Lately I've found myself designing from fabrics that I already have and likely have had for several months to a year or two.  Unless it's been for a custom order, I don't think I've purchased fabric in a while.  

Well, the other day at Hancock Fabrics I couldn't pass up a piece (less than a yard) of blue stretch knit.  That type of fabric always comes in handy when I'm constructing some of my signature knit patchwork pieces such as this, this, and this

Other than that, I do believe it's been a while. 

This past week I focused in on some gold corduroy that I've been having as well as scraps of African print cotton that were left over from a dress that was given to me (which I cut up). Initially I had considered making some sort of two piece suit from the fabric. However, as it usually does, spirit moved me in a different direction once I got started.

Large, $55.

Here's a closer shot of the back pocket with diagonal flap and contrast trim

This is one of those designs that I made up as I went along.  Once I decided to go with the African print contrast detail at the bottom of the skirt, I knew I needed (or wanted) to break up the solid gold some more by adding the print somewhere up top.  The waistband was the perfect place.  And rather than making it a simple rectangular insert piece, I decided to slant it on one end to mimic the angle of the piece at the bottom. Same for the flap over the pocket...just keeping up the diagonal theme. 

The "top" pictured with the skirt is actually a long piece of fabric that serves as a head wrap for me from time to time.  I couldn't really find a suitable shirt to wear with the skirt for the pictures, so I created a 5 second, makeshift halter with said head wrap. Since posting the pictures on Facebook, I've been asked to do a tutorial on how I tied it. That gave me another idea for a Youtube video. I'll make an effort to work on that this week.

In the meantime, I'm contemplating new (or not so new) fabrics.

You might recognize that blue herringbone from this skirt. The print is a piece that was batiked (?) by a local artist who I used to work with.  She created that for me last year as part of a trade, and I've yet to use it.  That other piece is one that's just been lingering.  I'll see what I come up with using these three or maybe just two of these fabrics...



Ak Yasmine said...

great outfit!!

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit. The colors are so right.