Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back to the Middle

I had been on a roll posting at least once a week--on Sundays, but recently I fell off.  Let's just charge it to the fact that I have been on the constant move lately.  It all started off with a spontaneous trip to New Orleans followed by a trip home to north Louisiana to visit family. That was followed up by another unplanned trip, this time to Houston, TX.  Then, that same evening after returning I headed one city over to hang with friends for a wonderful new year celebration.

After all that I could still go more! I love to travel, and was meditating just the other day on how I can become one of those people who travel the world as they live their making. 

Anyway. All of that moving around did wear me out, and I haven't been sewing much at all.  The good thing about starting projects then putting them to the side for several months is that they come in handy when you have been out of the groove of your craft for a while, are suddenly craving to get back at it, and are not necessarily in a position to start any new projects from scratch just yet. Also,  you get to come back to them with a clearer vision for than you may have had before.

That's just what happened with these two dress, both started sometime last year around August and finished this weekend.

A little inside info on  this dress:  the cap sleeves are lined with material that I cut from a t-shirt tie-dyed and painted by a student in a program in which I used to co-teach English.

He created it but didn't want it, so I took it for use in some way. (In this video I discuss in more detail  the general disinterest many of our students had for their works made in art class.)

Second dress...

Now, this one isn't quite finished, since I still have to do the hem and some work on the inside. I was anxious to share it, though. I mentioned on facebook that the bottom left picture reflects the true color of the dress--navy blue. I'm going to be re-photographing this one once it's completely done and work on that whole color thing with the camera.  Yeah.

I've got another dress in the works as well that I started in early December.  It very well could end up like these two and be put aside for a few months while i meditate more on it/ However, the plan is to have that one done by this time next week in order to show in my next post.



Jahzara Design Studio said...

Very nice, my eyes keep going to the green dress.

fly Tie said...

thank you! :-) it is one of my favorites. i'm in love with the color green...