Sunday, December 16, 2012


I worked in my studio all day and have very little to show for it, although I made an attempt at three different pieces. The energy wasn't right and/or it wasn't time for the pieces I have in mind to manifest.

Although it really wasn't the case today, this sometimes happens when I force myself to design rather than letting it occur and flow naturally. Today, while I had it in me to get in there and do something, that something should have been a more mundane task such as better organizing and cleaning the room or working on the book I intend to publish soon. I had the energy to be productive as far as my work is concerned, however I'm realizing now that that energy should have been channeled differently.

It's (still) all a process....

What I do have to show (other than the bare bones of a dress I started and hope to have done at least by this time next week!) is video of a 2007 style show I did as part of a creative arts expo called Grinder. If you follow me on facebook, you already have an idea of what type of event this was. It's unfortunate that I have to now use the term "was" rather than "is", since there hasn't been one in nearly 3 years. :-(

But anyway, Grinder was an event where artists from around town would set up to sell their creations to attendees. In addition to a range of handmade items that were available, there was also live music and a live art show taking place on stage where artists would paint pictures that were later offered to the public in a silent auction. It was a really fantastic event. The turn out and energy was always high.

(They caught me in the thumbnail. This is from the 2010 event.)
I had participated in the very first Grinder event in early 2007 (if I recall correctly). Prior to the second one that was to be held later that year, I was asked by the event organizers to do a fashion show as the live painting was taking place. I thought I was a great idea!

The following are clips from the first of two shows I did at Grinder.. Part one was ripped from a dvd, edited, and uploaded last week. I was able to get that done in a day or two. But Part 2?? It took me aaaaaallllll last week to get those 9 minutes of footage ripped, spliced, and uploaded to YouTube! Talk about technological drama. Some of the footage didn't make it in, but that's ok.

I'm glad to be able to share with you what I do have! :-)


Due to a lack of willing models, I usually end up modeling in my shows (in addition to orchestrating what's going on behind the scenes).  I modeled a few pieces at this event but mostly edited myself out. I'm just not crazy about being on video.


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