Sunday, November 11, 2012

Show Me the Way

As mentioned in last week's vlog, yesterday I went and gave a lesson on how to make a receiving blank for babies.  The workshop was hosted by my sister/friend Divine in her family's home here in southwest Louisiana. 
Divine is a doula and specializes in natural birth/parenting as well as herbs and natural healing.  She is the founder of an organization called Community Birth Companion, which serves as a support for mothers and mothers-to-be.  This workshop is one of a series that she's held since May of this year, and being one who likes to assist in the work she does any way I can, I was happy to be called upon to lead this session.
Although a couple of our participants were unable to make it, a great time was had by all who did attend...including the babies!
Here are a few pictures from the day.
Me explaining the process of making a blanket to the ladies...who are off to the left!
Finished blankets! The one on the left is solid pink on one side and white with pink dots on the other.  The one at center has a cute purple and white design. On the right is the blanket that I made for Divine's girls. It has alphabets on one side and a colorful square pattern on the other.
Nile and I have the spooky eyes going on.
Baby Sakinah decided she wanted to be in the picture after! I love these girls!
...Baby Chasity Assata (3 months) feeling the warmth of her newly made flannel blanket! Too precious!
Not only did I enjoy teaching the class, but having the opportunity to socialize and bond with the sisters and children is always one that I enjoy.
Me and Ms. Busy Body. This child will jump right out of your arms if you don't hold her securely.
Speaking of workshops, The Handmade Collective--a group on facebook to which I belong--is offering a series of FREE online classes for the months of November and December.
(I've also created a tutorial which will air online sometime in the coming weeks.)
If you haven't done so already, I invite you to "like" The New Handmade Collective on facebook to stay updated on what a gwan with this wonderful group of artists and how you can benefit from our collectivity!

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Camara Meri Rajabari said...

Awe!! Great post! Perfect partnership with a doula to bring a tutorial to her clients!