Sunday, November 4, 2012

"All I need is one mic!!!"...

(...uuuhhhh...and a webcam!)

Today's update is of the video variety. Enjoy!


Not sure what's up with the spooky voice/audio situation at certain points, but hey.....everythang is everythang!


Richard Murray said...

You should have stated how much the blanket would cost with shipping
I love how you said we live in a society that requires money to survive, it is so odd that all of us artist have to tell people that.
Education is draining, if parents did better, all educators could just educate, instead of educate/parental rear, education would be stress free.
In my community they had a place called Mart 125 and they have many handmade crafters. More in the past, but I have had coats made.

Gallery Juana said...

Wow, that would make me feel honoured too to see a parent using something I handmade for a second child. Also, shows how well made your creations are!

Haven't stopped by for awhile and thought I'd see how your doing. Lovely video of you:)

flytie said...

@'re so right about the education part! it's extremely draining...

@juana...thanks for stopping by! i thought of your blog the other day (one of my favorites to visit). it's been a while since i've visited you as well, but i'll get back to making my rounds regularly! i miss the old days on blogger! :-)