Sunday, November 18, 2012

Number Four

I recently came across another image of  Jill Scott putting a hurtin' on some clothes! She looks fantastic.

Check her out here as well.
I'm not sure that in the past I paid much attention to Jill's attire.  Her hair, yes, but maybe not necessarily the clothing.  With a voice like hers and the musical poetry she produces (which I am so passionate about!), she could have been in a potato sack for all I cared.   Lately, though, eye-catching images such as this of her so well put together have been coming to my attention, and I love it!
Guess who'll be waking up to the 4th decade of her life this Tuesday, November 20???

Yes, ya girl flyTie.  I manifested into this world on that date in 1982. 
This is the big one, they say. Or at least one of them. Let's see how I feel when I wake up that day.  I specifically recall feeling physically different when I woke up on my 25th b-day.

Medium, $40

 This age thing is something else, though. I don't start realizing I'm the age I am until I come up on situations like I did the other night.  I was introduced to a young man who's currently studying fashion design at the university from which I graduated. I was talking to him about the program and remembered that I'd set foot on that campus to take my first college course in that same program over 11 years ago. 
It just doesn't seem like that's accurate! 
But it is.
I'm just grateful to be alive, well, and able to feel, think, and love!
I've mentioned here previously about a fantastic group to which I belong called The Handmade Collective.  We're a group of artisans who make all sorts of products: clothing, jewelry, organic edibles, graphic images, paintings, dolls, crochet items, goodies for children, and so, SO much more!
You should definitely like our facebook fan page if you have not already and familiarize yourself with some of the artists by checking out our look book.
 The original version was superb, and this one's even better!  It features several other artists in addition to those who were originally highlighted.

The holidays are here, people are gonna be shopping, and we want your support!  Trust me. With all of the various products offered by The Collective, I can just about guarantee you will find something for everyone on your gift-giving list.  And what's even better is that you'll be giving them something that was handmade with much love by an independent artist/designer. 

I'm talking beautifully crafted jewelry and spirit beads...

 Nu Spirit Designs

 Stylish home furnishings...

Miy Stanza

Hand-crafted natural skin care products...

Breathless Beauty

Absolutely original cultural style clothing...

Tab A Tap

And a whole lot more!

Be sure to check us out!

peace......and birthday cake!

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Richard Murray said...

happy birthday Central time and belated birthday EST, I could be commenting from the end of days:)
You are right about the handmade collective, when i consider how many black people do crafts and are selling their work AND Services if the community ever had an institution or organization which connected the black community, some of it kicking and screaming the rest of it blessing, to use black crafters as first choice. The benefits to our village would be humongous.