Monday, October 1, 2012

Who's That Lady??

Jilly from Philly!

Although I have never met her or spoken a word directly to her a day in my life, Jill Scott is one of my most favorite people.  Her poeticism, artistic realness, attention to detail in her music, dynamic style, energy, and that VOICE are all authentically beautiful and worthy of admiration! I absolutely love this woman and have since I discovered her first album in 2000/2001.

This elaboration on my adoration of Jill and her music could fill up the page, however the focus here is how great she looks in.that.skirt!!! When I first saw this image, I screamed at the computer. One of my favorite people in one of my most favorite garments: a pencil skirt.

In a recent facebook post, I mentioned how fond I am of a well fitten pencil or straight skirt.

flyTie Clothing skirt designs from years gone by
I can recall watching episodes of the t.v. show Girlfriends back in the day and noting how great Tracee Ellis Ross (Joan) always looked in fitted straight skirts.
It wasn't so much the skirts themselves that caught my eye. Rather, it was what the skirts did for her shape. Made/make it pop! 
Part of what attracts me to certain garment styles is how well they work with or highlight the female form. As a designer/maker of clothing primarily for women, my eye is drawn to the typical elements of this art: color, texture, drape, composition, etc. But it is also constantly taking note of body forms and how fabrics and clothing shapes can work with or highlight those forms--no matter the size.  
I tend to be all over the place with dress and skirt styles that I'm attracted to, but by far this fitted skirt style moves me most!   What's even better is that I'm feeling my creative self wanting to get back to making more of these the way I used to.  Solid ones and printed ones and patchwork ones and knee-length ones and over the knee ones, and, and, and......


Camara Meri Rajabari said...

I LUV Jill Scott AND the pencil skirt! I think this style of skirt just says sexy all over it and it can be worn anywhere! I can put on heels and feel shapely or I can kick it down to some clogs with a tshirt and still look cute. Great post!

Patricia Heath said...

I love Jill, and she is wearing the hell outta that skirt! I also think pencil skirts are so feminine and attractive

MyCoCreations said...

Alright now, I'm not much of a skirt kinda girl but you ladies who design such amazing works make me want to fill my closet up with them :). Nice post, great pics of inspiration!

Tiffany said...

Nice! I can't wait to see what you come up with. I've been looking for a good pencil skirt. :)

Richard Murray said...

I think Jill Scott has a wonderful tailor. TO be honest, I like Jill Scott's voice , and body shape. But, with that body of her's, you can't play around with wearing clothes. If she wears baggy it will really distort her appearance negatively. If she wears anything too tight, then she looks embarassing and inappropriate. I love the photo you show. In other recent pictures she has worn similar wares, very well fited and sexy.