Sunday, September 16, 2012

Keep Keepin' On

In my most recent video, I spoke about a cousin of mine who inspired my label name flyTie Clothing.  She was a very special individual who ! always enjoyed being around. When she lost the battle with cancer back in 2005, it was a great loss for our family.

Kwunza, 2004

 Baby me and my first cousins. Kwunza's up top.
Unfortunately, this past week we lost another member of our family, my cousin Terri, to what started out as breast cancer then eventually spread.

Terri, 2010
The loss of life in this manner and at a young age (26 yrs. old and 39 yrs. old, respectively), is so sad.  When there are young/teen children involved as in Terri's case, it's especially heartbreaking. 
Recently I was speaking to my mother about all of this and she informed me of other family members who had succumb to cancer in the past. Apparently this is something that has manifested repeatedly among my people.  I can think of another cousin of mine who recently had a scare with breast cancer, and another had surgery just last week to remove cysts that she feared may be cancerous.  I feel that something is definitely going on energetically with all this, and that's something I'll have to contemplate more.
Well, I don't talk about it much, but I am working diligently to rid myself of a small ovarian cyst that I learned about  a while back.  I should be rid of it by now, but procrastination and not enough persistence gets me every time!
My current mode of operation towards this aim includes juicing (green juices as well as beet/carrot juice), herbal teas, doing intensive daily workout (right now it's via a dvd called African Dance Workout with Debra Bono....excellent!!), improving my ways of eating even more, cutting down on stress, and visualization. 

Fresh beet and carrot juice...and a really useful book!
The bottom line is, given the history of this condition in my family, I'm making it my business to rid from my body any illness or toxicity that could potentially lead me to a cancerous state of being.  I've got to promote and maintain my own good health so that I can be here and keep doing the work that I know is my responsibility.  It's a commitment to self and also my way of honoring members of my family who lost their lives to such a devastating disease.
Here's a video by herbalist Djehuty Ma'at Ra where he speaks about fibroid tumors and their predominance particularly in women of black women in America. Now, Dejuhty is not the type to bite his tongue or hold back from what he feels needs to be said, but he constantly brings relevant, useful information.  Maybe it can assist someone reading this with their own condition or that of a loved one.


Julie said...

I'm sorry that your family had to suffer the loss of two such vibrant women. Kudos to you for taking responsibility for your own health!

Anonymous said...

Hey Fly, I am still reading whenever you post. Sometimes like with this post, I read it at work and say I'll respond when I get home and then it never happens. First off, I appreciate you sharing this bit of information on natural healing regarding ovarian cyst with us all, I to have a couple of my own. Also, I remember when you first posted about losing your cousin and I was very sad for you and could not imagine that experience being my own. Well, last year, I lost my cousin of whom I was very close with to breast cancer. It is an experience that leaves you haunted. Memories when they're gone and the not always knowing what to say to them, do for them or even wrapping your head around, "the cancer has spread".

I share this to say, I thank you for sharing your story when you did because I believe it reminded me in a small way that, hey, "you are not the only one". I will always check your page for updates and always hope the best for you. God bless you.

I share this to say, I thank you for sharing your story when you did because I believe it reminded me in a small way that, hey, "you are not the only one". I will always check your page for updates and always hope the best for you. God bless you.


fly Tie said...

thank you both!

@julie, yes. i'm definitely making an effort to stay on top of it, because if i don't, who will??

@joy, thanks so much for continuing to check my blog for updates and for also sharing your experience. (whenever i'm making my blog rounds--which isn't as often as it once was!--yours is still one of my favorites to visit.)

the passing of my cousin kwunza is still surreal, even after all this time. i just never imagined that she wouldnt be here in physical form. and although my cousin terri and i weren't as close it's still sad to know that the desease affected her in the way it did, starting out as breat cancer then spreading to the brain. knowing that she has young children that i know miss her terribly is heartbreaking.

thank you for responding!