Sunday, September 9, 2012


In a recent online conversation with a long time supporter of my work, I mentioned how fascinated I have always been with Hawaii--her home. During my 5th grade year in school, the subject of a social studies project that I was required to do centered around Hawaiian history and culture. Chances are that my love of the state is based upon the typical ideas people have of that area: the beautiful weather, never-ending beaches, seemingly laid back lifestyle, fresh foods, tropical drinks, etc. Since I've never been there, I really can't speak on any realities that may fall outside of these ideas. However, of the few places that I've always wanted to visit, it's high up on the list. 
This individual, being the kind, giving, and supportive person she is, asked is there anything that I needed. I responded saying that it would be great to have a little Hawaiian token--beach sand in a bottle...anything that comes from the state and represents what it's about.
Well, I imagine my elation to receive a box filled with all sorts of local goodies!!!!
I received everything from fabric to edible treats to photography art to Hawaiian made, natural lip balm to local newspapers to soap to the neatest little earrings made from sea shells, and the list goes on! I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for these various gifts and the thought that was put into their acquisition, packaging and sending off.
I received the package on Friday but didn't get around to opening it until today.  This was the highlight of my morning!
Thank you, Julie!
Mahalo nui loa!!! :-)
I've been back indoors photographing garments lately, since the trees that I previously used as backdrops for my pictures have been cut down.  It's so, so sad. :-(
Although I do very much miss being able to use those beautiful trees as my background (and just miss seeing them everyday in general), taking pictures inside does have its perks: no mosquito bites and  better control over the temperature, just to name the main two. 
Recently I've been rephotographing the asymmetrical hem, challis tops that are new staple pieces in my collection.

These are two of the six colors that this style will eventually be offered in.  They're made-to-order and fit up to a size XL.  Both are currently available in my etsy shop!
This garment is an excellent basic wardrobe piece and pairs well with all sorts of bottoms.  As soon as I can figure out how to do it the way I want--or at least in a way that will effectively get my point across--I'll be uploading a video of styling options/ideas for the blouse.

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Julie said...

Aw, thanks for posting about this! It was so much fun to put together. :) Loving the new tops and the vlogs!