Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ask, and Ye Shall...

Vending for the first time since December!

This past weekend I was a vendor at the local Art Walk.  Each month an event called Art Walk is held here in the city.  During this time people come together downtown to peruse art galleries, drink wine, listen to music, and basically take part in other activities relevant to art and socialization.  In the past I attended this event on a pretty regular basis.  More recently, though, I don't think I'd been to one in over a year. Maybe two.  But let me show you how awesome the creator is...


Although I had not been to an Art Walk in some time, a couple months ago I really started meditating on how I can set up shop and sell my wears at the event.  In the past I had never seen local artisans selling their items on the sidewalks and streets, like I had envisioned doing.  I'm never quite sure about doing this, since I'm still vague on the laws concerning it (permits, etc.).  Other Art Walks in other cities seem to be open to this type of independent marketplace concept, however this hadn't been the norm here.

So I continued visualizing this happening for myself and contemplating how it could become a reality.  Fast forward to this past Thursday. I--"out of the blue"--get a message on etsy from someone I do not know inviting me to come vend at an event called Arts and Fleas that they'd organized at the local Art Walk on the upcoming Saturday. Only $20 for a space. Just bring your items, props, etc. Tables and chairs would be provided.


Umm. Wow.  Here's the opportunity I'd been looking for!


So I went, and it was wonderful.  it was so last minute, and I didn't put the energy into preparing that I normally do for vending events, and went REALLY well.  (Anyway, I find that I do much better when I put less energy into preparing than I do when I spend days getting ready for a vending event. Go figure.)


See how great the mind/energy/universe/God/Creator connection is? There were others incidents that occurred that evening--in the form of people I met and the way in which certain transactions took place--that re-affirmed how real it all is.

I still have not met the person who messaged me on etsy. From what I gather, she's from here but lives in Brooklyn. She's an artist/vintage dealer who apparently saw the need for a vending space where artisians could vend during Art Walk, organized or helped organize a space for it to be done, and had local friends carry it out.

Although this was my first time participating, I learned last night that it was done last month as well.  I do intend to participate in the future. 
I'd like to publicly thank the photographer--Rahim--for capturing these shots.  He was only there in the very beginning and later on that evening, and I didn't take any pictures, so what we captured isn't really indicative of how lively the event was.  Great images, nonetheless!

I got such positive feedback.  People especially loved


 (Made by me from a commercial pattern design. )

 (Even a boy of about 10 years told me, "Those pants are so COOL!")

People really appreciated my patchwork pieces, which I am grateful for since I enjoy creating them so much. 

And these

Thankfully, the two on the right sold!

They also really liked the Power Tees--particularly the college related ones.

The entire experience was a lesson for me, and I am so grateful for every minute of it!



Richard Murray said...

I am glad you had the experience, at the new york comiccon, in the artist alley, you see folks from 9am to 10pm three days in a row trying the hard hustle, it is hard:)

Tiffany Gholar said...

Congratulations! I love it when things work out so unexpectedly. And those patchwork pieces are great. :)