Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Let me first start off my saying that I'm having a massive clearance over in my etsy shop:

Please go take a look!  There are several garments available, and the prices have been majorly reduced.  The clearance will run through August 31.  After that time all garments will be removed from etsy.


Generally when designing/creating garment I don't produce more than one of a given design.  There are exceptions, of course, like when someone asks for a custom version of of a piece.  If I'm able to get my hands on the fabrics again or other fabric that they make have an interest in, I don't have a problem re-creating a design.

I can't think of a time, though, that I mass produced a given design.  Well, these days there are two designs that I've decided to produce in multiple quantities.  One--and the only one I'll be sharing in the post--is a top that I produced for the first time a couple weeks ago. 

As is the case with many of my designs, this one ended up being different from what I had in mind when I first started it.  Originally the hem has gonna be just a regular ol' straight hem.  Then I picked up the scissors and wondered, "Hmmmmm..what if I do this and this?" Next thing I knew, it had an asymmetrical hem.  This uneven type of hem is one of my favorites in designing.  I tend to think it's a reflection of the way I tend to approach and think about life and situations.

These tops are made from Challis material, which is 100% rayon.  The turquoise fabric used to make the first one is a gauze type, and quite honestly I prefer that fabric to the challis that I was able to find locally.  After searching and searching for more of the gauzey fabric (the original piece came from an estate sale and was only just a piece), I came across it online yesterday.  Hopefully I can find it in all the colors that I want to offer this style in.

My intention is to make it available in the colors you see above--turquoise, olive green, black--as well as brown, berry red, and a nice, mustardy or dark yellow.  Aaaaannnnd, so far I've only found the gauzey kind in peach and purple. Womp, womp.  I'm still searching, though, and I'm convinced I'll find it! 

The drape of this top is absolutely wonderful.  The fabric is comfortable and moves really well, causing for ease of wear.  Soon, I intend to produce a video on the various ways that this top can be styled.  Stay tuned for that!

Each of the posted tops can be purchased in my temporary Big Cartel shop at:


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