Saturday, May 19, 2012

Put Together

Someone was talking to me recently about color blocking--{what's old is new again, right?}--when it hit me that color blocking has been an integral part of my work for some time now. Sometimes on a small scale. Sometimes a bit larger.   Now, I don't call it that, but it's in line what the fashion trend is all about.  

Here are a few representative pieces from some years back:

day to night a-line dress-CLEARANCE 

livin easy summer dress -CLEARANCE 

sun on grass babydoll dress-CLEARANCE

 chromatic finale babydoll dress-CLEARANCE

livin easy II babydoll dress-CLEARANCE 

 I like contrast, so this is where my interest in this concept comes from.  Also, in the past I wasn't a huge fan of prints.  The use of prints in my work is a pretty recent phenomenon.  Instead, I stuck to solids and used this contrast technique to break up the monotony and essentially created my own fabrics the best way I knew how!

A few more examples:


flyTie original patchwork knit top

flyTie original patchwork knit top

Available on Etsy!

More recently I've been obsessed with making a style of dress that's also created using blocks of color:

The first of these--bottom left--was created as a gift.  I used the colors that I had on hand at the time and came up with this dress style on the spot the night before it was to be gifted. 
The next one, far right, was created by me, for me. :-) I really do love it.
The white one is available on Etsy {}, along with the pink one {}.  

So there ya have it! flyTie Clothing's take on what the fashion folk call color blocking.  There will surely be more of this to come. It's what I do.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Fly Tie :),
Today I'm passing by to say that my challenge is closed as of today,but I'll be announcing the winner in September.Thank you for partecipating in it and for the patience.I'll make sure to update you on it all in September.