Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To the Point

May i am!
In regards to my previous post, it's done!! The drape of the bottom is just what I was going for. I'd been wanting to create this garment for a while and finally sat down and did it.
Now, it's not necessarily how I envisioned it {I'd wanted it to be a dress, and the two contrasting fabrics should both be prints}, but I'm very pleased with how this shirt turned out.

small/medium $28

Here's a another that I made not long after the first:

 Each of these are available over on Etsy.  (See individual links under each photo to go directly to the garments!)

Recently I received this very pretty piece of batik fabric created by local artist Channel Thomas.

 Last week I was supposed to be using it as the top portion of a top for *myself* to wear to Festival International.  I never got around to it, but I'll be making it very, very soon. 

Several items are either on sale or clearance in my etsy shop. Take a look!



Kay Tee said...

WOW ... they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Barbara said...

I love the beautiful colors. So Spring and fun!