Monday, March 19, 2012


I've never been one to sketch my ideas for clothing. Doing so usually stresses me out. Instead, the majority of my designing of garments takes place in my head. I can sit in a place for extended periods of time seemingly staring into space. In actuality, though, I'm "working"....designing, contemplating garment functionality, doing math calculations, etc. Once that's done, I'm ready to go straight to the fabric or start cutting up newsprint for a pattern, depending.

It's usually done that way or through a method whereby I make up a design as I cut into fabric.

Sometimes though, when I'd like a tangible visual of what I have in mind to do, I'll use fabric scraps or paper.

Take this square shaped sheet of loose leaf for example.

It may appear to be what's on its way to being a failed attempt at origami.

What it actually represents is an idea I had {which was inspired by a garment I saw} for the skirt portion of a dress.

I sat for the longest the other night envisioning the drape of the skirt, how many seams it would have or need, how fitted or loose it would be, etc. Through this piece of paper I was able to work that out.

I've created my share of asymmetrical hem dresses,


and honestly, they don't require a pattern or much forethought at all. However, somehow with this one coming up, I felt the need--or maybe just a want--to create a model.

I'm so ready to produce this garment I've got on my mind, but right now I'm sourcing out the right fabrics. This one will definitely be a light and breezy Spring/Summer must have!



MyCoCreations said...

Thanks for sharing your process, I love how others come up with their ideas and make them come to life.

T.Allen said...

I find the creative process in everything thoroughly intriguing. From meals, to's all in that spark; the inception. I can't wait to see it come to fruition!