Monday, February 28, 2011


It's been brought to my attention--by a couple people who are apparently wondering why I'm being such a slacker in this line of work when the potential is there --that New Orleans has a fashion week.

Perhaps there was always a New Orleans Fashion Week, and I was just oblivious, as I'm not necessarily into fashion, per se.

I think it's interesting, though. Not really that this event exists, but that I'm actually feeling like I need to consider seeing about being one of the featured designers the next time it all come around.

I mean, I am a native Louisiana, "sometime, part-time, used-to-be-all-the-time, these-days-when-the-feeling-hits-me" clothing designer and live just 2 hours from the city, so it could work out. Plus, after reading/looking through the various pages and links, I'm thinking it could use an additional kind of representation. (And it's likely that I'm more intrigued by doing it for that sole purpose.)

Let me turn this over in my mind and contemplate a Fall/Winter 20......12 collection.

Oh, and I might try to get over there in a few weeks to check it out.

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