Thursday, February 17, 2011


This a.m. as I stood outside the front door taking in some of the cool, fresh air and watching a running cat that I believe had been eating my Aloe Vera plant,

I began to seriously reflect on my recent lack of motivation and inability to be inspired by too much of anything--even though Inspiration is accessible tome everyday.

I just don't know what this is about! In my last post I spoke of new areans that I'm moving into with my sewing, and this is true. However, I still feel lacking, mostly in the creatvity department. I wanna create cool clothes again, like I did once upon a time. (It really feels like ages ago. Really.) I'd also like to acutally materialize some if not all of the many ideas that run through my head, that I prevent myself from acting on for whatever reason. My new, but uninspired living space needs some livening up. I've got to surround myself with more of the things that bring me comfort, joy, and peace. I need to get this notion of an herb garden and vegetable garden out of my head and into the ground! It's past time for me to act on the knowledge I have on vaarious subjects. On & on & on!

The want and desire are both there, but for some reason there's a disconnect between that and the actual doing.

Earlier I made the comment on a friend's blog:

"these days i'm deliberately thrusting myself into creation/inspiration, cause i feel like my life defends on it. i feel like i'm fading away. "
I'm feeling like it's very much past time for me to take matters into my own hands, as opposed to wondering what the heck is up with this funk, and when it will go away.
This is what I must do.
"To push or drive quickly and forcebly..."
This has to be immediate and deliberate, and a lack of resources needed to carry out is no excuse. Where the resources are lacking, they must be obtained.
And that's the bottom, top, side, and diagonal...line!


cut2clothe said...

Sounds like you just need to allow your self to evolve. I did a post on you back in 08. I think you should go check it out. Link below.


Jewelry Rockstar said...

Winter does this sometimes. When Spring comes we feel renewed.

faya said...
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Newness of Life said...

Just do it! And take photos. We missed you!

Soul Pretty said...


Are you taking on more client work? I stopped doing it sometime ago...I find that making things from others ideas really stifles my creativity...I don't want to to alterations...or make a dress out of some old fabric you found hanging around...Someone actually came to me last week with fabric and asked me to make her a dress...for $20.00...You can't even buy a $20.00 dress in Walmart. When people make such an offer I feel like they are disrespecting my talent and my passion...So, I kindly said no. And now I only make what I want to make and if you like can buy it.