Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pure! :-O ;-} :-D

Two weeks and one and a half transformations later, here's the white jumper!
(Ok. I just realized the title on my last post is crazy. It's supposed to be "Jump to It!"...Y'all coulda told me! But I'll leave it, cause I like how it looks. :-)

The pieces hanging in the back are the ends of the make shift belt tied around my waist. Also, the person who'll be wearing this is much taller than I am , so her leg length will take up some of the excess vertical baggage that I'm holding up.

Whew! This was my first time making a jump suit, and working with this white, fragile fabric may have ruined any future considerations I may have had for making another.

Probably not, though. :-)


*Siiiigh* I still love this song like I did the first time I heard it 10 years ago.

Ten Years!! And I remember who was around and where we were when I first heard it.

Mmmmm...mmmm...mmmm. It never gets old.




Harvest Girl ~ said...

wow wow wow... i love it!!! I am too working on a jumper right right now!! i love this sis~ we def should do a trade soon!!

cut2clothe said...

Okay, that's it, I'm adopting you as my sister in tune. Yeah I just made that up but that was a great video to go along with a great song. I just happen to loooooove summer rain.

I love the fabric. It's so feminine silky looking. I wouldn't mind getting caught out in the summer rain in that. ; )

I recall my first jumpsuit pattern. It turned into unintentional drop crotch. I added an inch to much. lol

narcissaqtpie said...

Love it!

Barbara said...

The new owner of this hot little number is gonna be so happy. What a beautiful and sexy piece!! Again, I am super jealous of 'average boobed' women, lol.

Gallery Juana said...

Love the style you chose for the jumper. This looks so versatile ... something to look good in while at home or out for the day.

Amazing how songs can bring back memories!

JASMINA said...

Very,very sexy :)!

Newness of Life said...

That jumper is CAYOOT! and Mos def FLY. You impress everytime. No wonder people are always asking you for custom orders. You always come through. I'm jealous. I want one now. lol

jewelry Rockstar said...

Love the end result! Yous a bad chick.

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