Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Reminisce

During my recent stint of uncreativeness, I've been reflecting on times gone by when I was much more tuned in to my work. Ironically--I guess--it was also a time when I was much less confident in my abilities than I am now. Back in the day--wheeen thiiings were coo--ooo-ool--I was on a roll, designing/making new clothes at every opportunity I got. These days, not so much.

Just some pictorial refections. Pictures of pictures. Ha! To think! I used to actually have pictures printed of my garments..not just keep them stored on the computer. I've fallen off big time!

This collection was one of my favorites.

Gotta bring back the "Veggie Luvah" dress!

Gotta come back out with some like this.

Wrap skirt made from some home interior fabrics. (Heavier, suede-like fabric underneath.)

Stenciling used to be my thing.

I always have liked incorporating patchwork into my garments.

Symbolism. Love it!

These may be familiar to some of you.


Looking at these photos and others and reflecting on how things once were has definitelty given me a much needed creative boost.



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Soul Pretty said...

Oh, the veggie dress is too cute...