Sunday, September 5, 2010

This to That

Just a few shots from the past week.

I've been dealing more in paper than in fabric, drafting patterns and such. Gotta get technical sometimes.

Another session with my eager learner. We'll be back at it this coming week.

Here she is modeling her tunic minus the sleeves and facings. This is basically what she wanted to learn to make and will be making others in different fabrics..

I drafted a sleeve just because.

Math, math, math!!

Last week I was at my friend/second mother's place drafing a pattern based off of one of her favorite dresses. Standing next to me you can see her little 2 yr. old babysit-ee. He acts as my assistant whenever I'm over there working. :-)


It's so funny to me how tolerant I am of zydeco music these days, considering how I wasn't too fond of it when I first arrived in South Louisiana. I've learned that there's the old school zydeco and the--I guess--"more hip" zydeco that has an R&B and/or hip hop flavor too it. There's one that falls under the latter category that gets me going whenever I hear it, and I'm usually in my car when that happens. (*Is notorious for dancing while driving* :-] )




Barbara said...

Her tunic looks great!


Oh, I loved pattern making in school...when I was a little girl my mom and I used to make patterns out of brown paper bags...

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I really like the tunic! The fit is so flattering. I need to be rich so I can have someone make clothing for me that takes the insanity that is my waist to hip ratio into account! Or just so I can afford the co-pay after I go crazy trying to make 'em myself! ;)