Thursday, August 26, 2010

Show Me

Hey y'all! :-)

I really enjoy teaching--really--and I may have mentioned on here before that that's the drection I feel myself moving more towards. Or at least as equally towards as it relates to designing and making clothes.

Today I taught a private pattern making class, and it was wonderful!

This was my first time teaching a class like this, so it was a learning process for me as well. Knowing something or knowing how to do something is one thing, but teaching it is something else. At least for me anyway. I take all kinds of shorts cuts and make up my own ways of doing things, so when teaching I try to tone that down a bit and realize that I'm showing someone how to do this and it's not just me playing it out in my mind.

My "student" is/was eager for this information, and that's always a plus. She's excited about being able to bring her design ideas to life.

I taught her how to make a tunic (her garment of choice) pattern completely from scratch. At our next session I'll teach alterations and how to construct some well-fitting pants using a commercial pattern (which will essentially consist of altering the already-made pattern as needed, etc.)

I can only describe my ability to teach this skill as a true gift or blessing considering where I started and how far I've come with all of this. If you only knew! (And if you've been reading my blog long enough, you just might!)


Although it's pretty basic and repetative, this is one of my favorite songs. When I first got his album a few years ago, I'd listen to this track on repeat and would feel so determined and powerful afterwards.

"Deep in my mind I believe everything is possible."



Higherhustle said...

Nice.teach on sista teach on.came by to check out your blog. hope all is well. keep sewing your gifts into your fabrics of life(inspirationally corny) LOL
Inner Peace and Blessings

T.Allen-Mercado said...

"Knowing something or knowing how to do something is one thing, but teaching it is something else."

An emphatic, "uh-huh"! In a former corporate life, we used the exercise of 'teaching' a partner how to brush their teeth as an example of how difficult teaching is. I forgot to tell my partner to turn on the water, and was eliminated early on! Teaching is hard work,congrats to you-keep us posted on your journey.

Gallery Juana said...

It really is a mental and communication exercise to teach.

Looks like you're off to a great success with your classes.

Barbara said...

Pattern making sounds awesome. Yes, teaching is such a gift. Whenever I'm trying to show someone who to start a chain or do a stitch, I find myself going, "here, let me do it", haha. That is NOT a good teaching strategy. I'm sure your student will have a beautiful piece once the session is over.

Harvest Girl~ said...
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Harvest Girl~ said...

that is amazing. u are amazing.. so joyful to see u being inspired.. and yes I am inspired in return!
keep doing it sis.
and we are so on da same wave link.. ive been thinking about teaching some sewing as well.. wish we was in the same place... we cud trade a trade.. hahahahaha.. lol.. get it. .lol .. im a nerd.
peace and love