Sunday, August 15, 2010

Inner, Outer

I've got so much on my mind (cluttered thoughts) and it's manifested itself in my world. More specifically, my sewing room. Consequently, I can't create!!!

Messy, out of order sewing table. And it was worse than this, but I accidently knocked the clutter that had piled up in front of the machine on the floor when trying to find something. :-/

I dare not take a shot of the entire room, so this is just a corner.

The obvious remedy is to get in there, clean it all up, and get back to work. Something's keeping me from doing that, though. Normally I keep it pretty--ok...acceptably--tidy. These days, though, it's like "Eh, whatever."

I'm my own psychologist, so I understand that if I clean it up, then that means I can think and create. But there's a subconscious fear that creativity will still be fleeting. Buuuut, how will I know if I don't organize???

And I know I'm slacking big time when I haven't purchased batteries for the camera yet...after nearly a month! Hence the cloudy cell phone pics.




Newness of Life said...

You weren't kidding! This reminds me to take pics of my craft room. It's still not "complete" but it's definitely more organized. I think when the time is right you will get in there and tidy up. Then CREATE

Emma's Mom said...

You know, its just like this sometimes. I'm feeling an urgent sense of compacted space these days too. Ironically, its not just my crap that surrounds me, but other people's crap. I feel so boxed in that I don't want to create, barely motivated to move because at each term there is some crap taunting me, lol.

I focused on my computer screen today though, and created myself a hat, only, I don't like the hat on myself, I like it better on my daughter. She has hair, I don't. Sigh... lol.

Steve Finnell said...

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Harvest Girl~ said...

i so know were ur coming from flytie.
my sewing room use to be a mess.
yet it seems like now.. i just sit back and let just about anything inspire me.. my biggest inspiration is following other creators .. exp designers like myself.. seeing them continously being inspired and taking there works to the next level just put a boost in me.
for a long time i use to tink.. oh i need to change my environment to be inspired~... no I have to adjust in my environment so it can inspire me~

i know your creep out of it.. we all do... and or and find other outlets of creation until u find inspiration to sew again.. :-D
also please feel free to be inspired by me~ ;-D

Gallery Juana said...

Yes, I've got the corners on my desk that need straightening up badly.

You'll probably have ideas fire up as you go through your materials.


I loving seeing peoples creative spaces...