Sunday, August 1, 2010

Then and Now

Barter! It's great, within reason I suppose.
I recently bartered some of my energy for the pieces of fabric pictured below.

The brown was given to me after I'd already agreed to do alterations for someone who I usually do alterations for free of charge anyway because of her generosity towards me and my....significant other :-). The blue was given to me by someone else after I'd showen admiration for it. "Take it," she said then shortly afterwards put me to work cutting rectangle shapes out of fabric so she could make some flags.
Sooooo...these were really unintentional barters but barters still the same

One day I logged on to Facebook only to find out I'd been tagged in a photo.

Due to the limitations of the site's uploading capabilities, I was cropped out. This was a good thing, cause I remember that picture and myself in that picture (I've got a copy somewhere).
But then I realized, a second copy had been posted reflecting the ones who'd been unintentionally left out the first time.

There I am, in all my 6 (?) year old, missing front teeth, thick eyebrows, large/thick glasses glory, smiling ear to ear!
Ms. Darilyn Robinson, 3rd from the right, in the spiffy little jumper dress is the culprit! Putting all of us out there in our, unashamed, youthful days for the world to see!! Or at least those on her friend's list.
But, I think we were all some precious little ones. Plus, those were my favorite pants!
Ms. Darilyn's little song bird look here was a fortelling of things to come. We were best buds in high school, and I remember being so in love with her singing voice then. Ten + years later, with an even more mature sound, she's big on the North Louisiana music scene and has uploaded a few videos on youtube for all the world to see/here. Check her out!

Listen to more at:



boatx2 said...

Bwahaha, those glasses top off everything just perfect. Have you been back to High School reunions yet? To show everyone how amazing you look/are now?!
Just about every three months or so, I go on a tirade with God for not granting me the gift of amazing musical song. Then, s/he sits silent, lets me calm down, and I move about my business until the next argument.

I don't think Darilyn ever has that problem. (^_~)

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Aaah yes, Facebook has caused quite a stir with the posting of school pictures! I am not without a few of those floating around myself. The smile is the best! Whilst I shudder at repeating many of the years in between,you can't deny the power of an unrehearsed smile.

Love the new fabric patterns, is that cotton?! And, I caught that little tidbit about a significant other...hmm...

Emma's Mom said...

Aww, you had such cute bangs. I was always wanting bangs when I was younger. Had them only once, and was so juiced, lol. I so wish we had the option to live in a land of barter. Sometimes its a lot nicer than the exchange of money. Great fabric. Can't wait to see what it becomes.

fly tie said...

@ roe: our high school reunion will be in 2011, but i'm not sure that i'd even go.

and to this day i've got a complex about glasses. i'm "supposed" to wear them at all times, but i don't. you'll rarely see me with them on in a photo.

lol @ the argument with the god/goddess. i feel you. i absolutely LOVE music, song, and singing. i do a lil somthin' with singing, but am no where near the level of her.

@ tameka: ha! gotta love that big smile, huh?!

yes, both those fabrics are 100% cotton. i'll make something for me out of the blue and something for that someone special. ;-) he he!

@emma's mom: i was big on my bangs back then! and i do still like seeing them on people. i remember putting that roller in before going to bed so the bangs would be nice and curled in the morning!

i agree about the barter/money statement. this whole money thing causes too much strife.

ma thet zin said...

Very nice blog :)

A Cuban In London said...

Loved your post. I have just come back from one of the few pulsating hearts of London's black community: Brixton. And there was a shop selling fabrics of different colours and designs which were a beauty to behold. Your post reminded me of them. My mum (visiting me from Cuba) was amazed at the array of dresses and blouses on display.

Greetings from London.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

I fingered you before you told us which one you were. Love it! That fabric is beautiful!

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