Wednesday, March 3, 2010

From the Soul

Recently finished this up for someone I know, and like the previous custom-made garment, I want to keep this for me.

(I've just got the head piece tied any old kind of way, so if it looks off, that's cause it likely is!)


The writer of one of my most favorite blogs in the whole wide world is doing a giveaway!

Check out Soul Pretty
for a chance to win this lovely, hand-dyed top, receive an instant dose of creativity, and to become a fan of a generally wonderful blog.

You can enter the contest by either being/becoming a follower of her blog (bottom of the page) or blogging about the giveaway on your blog. Seeing as how I think these t-shirts
(as well as her handmade fanny packs) are some of my favorite creations and I think everyone should be familiar, I'm doing the latter.
The winner will be chosen Monday, March 8, so get over there now!

(just threw that in for good measure, ha!)

This Thursday is the last night for the sewing workshop, and it has been absolutely wonderful.

Fulfilling, rewarding--all of that and more.


I'm singing this all the time.
This song takes me there. Ya, know, that place you go before you realize it, then you come back here, and that's how you know you were somewhere else? Yeah, there.

I love her. :-)


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Love the NEW! custom! Is it cotton?

I saw the top my mind's eye, I want to say Etsy, but I could be wrong. I do know I saw/loved it from afar, and I am so going to enter!

I'm looking forward to seeing pics from the last class, will you do it again? Another roound/project?

I know exactly the "there" of which you speak...Jill Scott takes me there!

A Cuban In London said...

And like the previous one, it suits you. And Ledisi. I've got her two albums playing on a loop on my mp3 playes. What an amazing artist!

Greetings from London.

Newness of Life said...

You are on the roll with the recent custom pieces!