Friday, February 26, 2010

Mother and Child/ren

I recently made some matching garments for a mother and her 2 children (13 yr. old boy; 1 yr. old baby girl) to be worn to a church event this Sunday.

That's some realy nice material, and I wanted to keep that long dress for myself.

The baby's dress is a miniature version of her mom's and has the little bloomers. While we both thought the idea of the baby head wrap was cute, I'd be interested to know if she (baby) will agree to keeping it on.


I've posted this on my blog before, but it's been on my mind lately since I've been hearing one of Corinne's new songs. So...repost!

(New song)

I need to catch up on some blog reading.



Anonymous said...

Mwah Fly Tie <3!
Beautiful,beautiful :)!This dress looks very much like an islamic abaya,or maybe even the same.I'd love to have it!
Oh my God,the baby girl is so super cute =).Look how she rocks that headwrap :)!
You also look so nice.Such a great lady!

Ms. Bar B: said...

You might be right about baby, lol. She might surprise everyone and rock the wrap for at least a little bit of the event though. Beautiful creations.

boatx2 said...

I'm an appreciative reader and I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Psh, MUCH deserved! Congratulations!