Sunday, October 12, 2008


For whatever reason I woke up this morning a bit annoyed and felt the need to immerse myself in something to distract myself from said annoyance. Yeah, I realize it's probably more beneficial to just face the issue and get it out, but as is insinuated by the "for whatever reason" above, I'm not quite sure what the issue was/is. Nonetheless, it was the catalyst by which I was able to stay in there, work nonstop (for the most part), and start and finish this particular dress. Normally I'll stop several times when working causing projects to linger on for days when they could be completed in one if I keep at it and stay off the computer. With this one though, it was as if my sanity depended on it being completed before I put head to pillow tonight and even before I step foot out this house to go run the errands that need to be run. (I got a call earlier saying that Goodwill's got some vintage fabric that I need to go have a look at. Yeah I got insiders. ;-)

Overall, I'm pleased with the outcome. It's not as poofy as I'd like or as the other one, but it works. Looking at this picture, I think I might cut some of the yellow/gold off. And yes, the center is more of my patchwork.

So today's Tea and Honey Bread Shutter Click & Chat Sunday topic:

Happiness is...Capture a moment, past or present, when you or someone you know was happy.

The beaming bride you see to the right is my nearly lifelong friend/schoolmate/probably cousin somewhere down the line Bree. Since we were like...4, Bree was in looooove with a certain young fellow. This particular fellow had many suitors all throughout elementary. Matter of fact, just about every girl in our little circle of friends had a crush on him and would claim him as our boyfriend...without him knowing of course. He was and is a great guy. Very nice, gentleman-like, talented, intelligent, nice looking, all that good stuff. Eventually, though, as we grew older, the rest of us became involved in relationships, lost interest in him on that level, etc. But Bree??? She wanted him and said he was gonna be her husband someday. I found out that they started dating in college, then in July 2005, she called with the news, "Tie, guess what?? "J---- proposed to me!! Girl, we gettin' married!! *screams*."

So here it is. The wedding party getting ready for the ceremony in September 2006. I was one of the 12 bridesmaids. And see those turquoise dresses? I made 'em with my own 2 hands. All 12. That's another post.

Whenever I think of their story, it makes me so happy. They're two of the best people I know. They recently celebrated their 2 yr. anniversary and are living happily somewhere in Tennessee.

UPDATE: Bree called me today, 10-13-08, and said they're having a baby!!!!!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D

I wanna leave y'all with the current "stuck in my head" song. I first heard the original version by Joni Mitchell a couple years ago, and fell in love with the lyrics. Plus I adore her voice then and now and the way the song's composed. So I was too thrilled to find this rendition with Corinne Bailey Rae on Herbie Hancock's latest release. And the legendary Herbie Hancock. I saw him live in 2005 and swear I floated away at some point. Superb.

I've gotta go hit the streets and take care of some things seeing as how it's Sunday and places close early.

Hope y'all have a beautiful week. peace.


Ms. Bar B: said...

Ok, I'm kinda speechless over here. Can't believe you made all 12 dresses. I definitely wanna see that post =).

High Desert Diva said...

You are driven. Completing one dress in one day doesn't seem possible to this non-seamstress.

The thought of making 12 dresses floors me. Gah!

Your friend's story is very sweet...and very happy.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Frustration or other forms of mood malaise energize me too-hey at least we have an outlet!

Bree looks completely thrilled-isn't that wonderful?! I've been with Favorite Guy since I was 15...I can dig that feeling of pure bliss at really having who/what you want in this life! Good for her and thanks for sharing their happiness.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

love the first dress babe

kim* said...

your stuff looks better and better each time i come :)

Ms. Bar B: said...

Tie, you've been tagged!

Danz said...

Your dress in the first photo is so pretty, I love the bright yellow peeking out at the bottom.
Congrats to the happy couple!
Wow, excellent work creating 12 bridesmaid dresses - I'm very impressed!
Oh yeah, and Corinne is amazing!
Hope you have a great day :)

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Oh the energy that comes with being antsy! I love to clean when I'm perturbed. I must not be perturbed too often because I never like to clean.

Breath of Light said...

I'm finally getting out of my "pissed for no good reason" mood. But I got a lot of sewing and designing done while I was moody. lol. Music usually helps as well. Wow, you really took it to town with 12 dresses. I would have been scared to even attempt it. And they turned out wonderfully.

fly tie said...

yep. 12 dresses. i didn't wanna even look at satin after that. i swore i'd never make another formal again. (but i have)

and i've turned out some of my best work when i channel that moody energy into sewing.

isn't their story so sweet?? i just love it!

thanks everyone.