Thursday, October 2, 2008

Speaking Hypothetically

Last week I was over at Tea and Honey Bread and came across a neat lil meme. It appeals to me cause it just does and also because it reminds me of this song that I really like. Some of these took me the longest to answer. (And yes I did print it and fill it out while in bed last night. )


1. If I were a direction I’d be…south
2. If I were furniture I’d be…a lamp
3. If I were a liquid I’d be…watermelon juice that runs down your face when you're sittin' on the porch indulging in the watery goodness during the summertime
4. If I were a sin I’d be…broken
5. If I were a gem/stone I’d be…hanging from a pendulum
6. If I were a metal I’d be...bendable
7. If I were a tree I’d be…deeply rooted
8. If I were a fruit I’d be…a ripe plum
(not a thick, rough outer surface, yet contained and reserved. But when you get to the inside, ooh ooh ooh!)
9. If I were a flower I’d be…scattered about
10. If I were weather I’d be…peaceful rain
11. If I were a musical instrument I’d be…a piano
12. If I were an element I’d be…oxygen
13. If I were a color I’d be…just a touch here and there
14. If I were an animal I’d be…a giraffe
15. If I were a sound I’d be…far off
16. If I were a lyric I’d be… "My dress ain't cost nothin' but seven dollars, but I made it fly."--Erykah Badu
17. If I were a song I’d be…on repeat
18. If I were a music type I’d be…roots reggae
19. If I were a perfume/cologne I’d be…all natural
20. If I were a feeling I’d be…passion
21. If I were food I’d be…high in fiber
22. If I were a city I’d be…spacious and full of trees
23. If I were a taste I’d be…sweet and salty
24. If I were a scent I’d be…lingering in the air long after I'd left the room
25. If I were a word I’d be… constantly mispelled
26. If I were a verb I’d be…laugh
27. If I were an object I’d be…a seam ripper
28. If I were a piece of clothing I’d be…a a well fitting hoodie sweater with pockets
(allowing for obscurity)
29. If I were a body part I’d be… an arm
30. If I were an facial expression I’d be…eyes closed smile on face
31. If I were a cartoon character I’d be…on PBS
32. If I were a movie I’d be…one that makes you think
33. If I were a geometric figure I’d be…a cone
34. If I were one of the 4 seasons I’d be…fall
35. If I were a sentence I’d be…ungrammatical

What's more, I stayed up late last night and finished a dress I'd been working on just so I could show it to y'all today:

(Excuse the crazy facial expression)

More of my funktified patch work and top stitching

I really love layered, full dresses/skirts like this. Very womanish. This one's navy blue, in case you can't tell.

Today I think I'm gonna go thrift store hopping in search of fabric or scraps. I've got a hunch that some are out there waiting for my arrival.



tatsuko said...

Love the dress - I'm always amazed at people who sew since I'm so totally spastic with anything but a hem! And I love the meme - I might have to try that one!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Great dress. That's one of those forever dresses. Timeless shape great color-very very nice.

please sir said...

Another lovely dress - just keeps getting better!

Breath of Light said...

That dress is CUTE!!! aside from the fabo patchwork waist band I'm totally loving the white peeking from the bottom!

One day SOON I want to make a dress with a similar silhouette.

Ms. Bar B: said...

Look at you little Miss Project Runway =)

Mekhismom said...

I love, love, love that dress. You are so talented! And I agree with Ms. Bar B you are Miss Project Runway - apply for the show!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

...Cause I'm cleva when I bust a rhyme.

Muze said...

sooooo cute!

you are such a talent.

Muze said...

oh, and love that lyric.

i did this meme.. but haven't posted it yet. and how bout my taste answer was sweet and salty!


great minds...

nina said...

Cute dress and belt...they look really good together.
Don't you love when you get that feeling? I usually get these STRONG urges to go a specific thrift store on a certain day, at a certain time. I ususally try and fight against it but it keeps coming so I go and find the MOST AWESOME stuff.

Hope your your thrifitng adventure is a success!!!

High Desert Diva said...

Really great meme....very thoughtful

Cute dress, but in the words of my grandmother, "If I wore that, I'd look like a featherbed with a belt tied around the middle."

*sighs dramatically, and curses lack of waist*

fly tie said...

thanks a lot, y'all.

regarding project runway...i *still* have yet to see that show! (no cable)
but judging from what i hear about it, i'm not sure if it's be right for me.

muze--yeah. ain't it great? :-D

nina--yes! just gotta be in the moment and roll with it. unfortunately that specific trip didn't really turn up anything, *but* a garage sale on saturday......jackpot!!

lol @ high desert diva. you're so funny to me.