Saturday, November 28, 2009

Been Up To...

I mentioned previously that I've been doing a good bit of custom work lately.

Develped this ensemble from pattern to construction.

(This is the lady to whom the red wedding dress belongs--the one I forgot to get pics of after I altered it. :-/)

Made it all 'cept the headdress and accessories.

She needed it by today (Saturday, 28th), and naturally, I waited until the last minute to start (Thursday night..even though I'd had the fabric for 3 weeks). As a result I'm currently functioning off of 1.25 hrs. of sleep. **yawn**

A closer look:


Now. I could use a good song to lull me to sleep.

How booouuuut...



(Thanks for all the bearthday wishes!)


Ms. Bar B: said...

My favorite color. Very pretty, and just look at that smile on her face. Nothing like the perfect outfit to go with the perfect accessories =). I do have to say that my heart broke a little when I read that you don't have a picture of the finished project from that gorgeous red wedding dress =(, lol. I am sure it made her smile just as big as this purple number.

Can wait to see read what else you have going on once you've gotten some rest.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fly Tie :),

I can see that my seamstress was at work :o)!You did an outstanding job.Bravo!
I like very much the dress (top and skirt) and it is just like the ones I saw some black African women wear here in Europe.Beautiful!
However,I have to say that I personally would pair the dress with accessories of different color.Maybe something like dark violet for the head scarf and silver or white for the bag.This in my opinion would make the dress pop out better.In fact in the first picture I can not really undrestand how the dress is made.It is a bit too much of everything.In the second picture one can really see that here we are talking about something unique.
I am so sorry you did not take pictures of the "reshaped" :) wedding dress.I was so waiting for this one.Maybe you could ask the lady if you can take a picture of it.That would be so great :)!
I send you a strong hug my dear and I hope you are having some well deserved rest now :).

fly tie said...

jasmina--well thank you, my dear. :-) i can agree that i would have dressed it up differently...maybe with a solid bag and such. but that's just me. this lady here definitely does her own thing when it comes to styling, though, so i just sit back and let her be! she said eveyone at the event that she went to loved the entire look. i'm grateful for that given all the effort i put into it.

ms. bar b (& jasmina)--i'm gonna see what i can do to get pictures of the red dress. i just completely forgot!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

She is clearly a happy customer! My, you've been busy-but it's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a great feeling to know that your hard work has been appreciated. It makes it all worth it. I am proud of you. After 3am, I can't function without some kind of caffine stimulant. Otherwise I'd have bloodied fingers and re-worked seams to the 10th power. hehehe seriously. But that outfit looks like a lot of work, it's gorgeous and that resume of yours just keeps growing and growing. Please post when you get the after pictures of the wedding dress. I love before and afters.

The song push me to watery eyes. That's my kind of song. I think we're music twins.

fly tie said...

@ cut2clothe---so funny you mentioned bloody fingers, cause i did sew through my index finger at one point! :-/

and yes, we may very well be music twins. :-D

jewelry Rockstar said...

Working with scalloped edges is super hard. Great job!!!