Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If You Really Want to Know

Note: No one actually inquired about the following 10 "about me" points. I just feel like sharing something with all the lovely people who visit my blog frequently. Happy reading!


1. My cell phone is never on ring. It's always on vibrate. If it's close enough to me, I'll feel it when a call or text comes through. If it's lying on the table while I'm working, I'll see when it lights up. Otherwise, I'll have to check it later for any missed calls. I don't know why.

2. I've got this phone with the spiffy slide out keyboard, and I never use it (spiffy keyboard) when sending texts. I still just use the regular front keypad that requires you to go through all the letters to get the one you want. I don't know why. I text a lot, too. (Mostly with my mom.)

3. If money wasn't essential to survival in this society, I'd sew just for fun and make something for all the people I know and/or love--whatever they wanted..as long as I feel like I could handle it--and send it to them.

4. I don't like the fact that money is essential to survival in this society and do like to barter. For instance, I'm currently hemming a few pairs of pants for someone who made me copies of dvds that I needed. She usually charges for these but also doesn't like to "get the presidents involved " (her words) when she can avoid it. I don't go overboard with bartering, but when it comes to items or services I need, I don't mind trading my services.

5. Beginning in January me and the lady I'm currently staying with will be starting a sewing/enrichment program for young girls (and perhaps some boys if they're interested) in the local public housing units--as in, one of the apartments in the projects is currently being renovated just for us to serve as the place where we teach sewing. We built the program from scratch. It's being completely funded by the housing authority, i.e. the government. We felt/feel it has the potential to be a very helpful, revolutionary program. They agreed. People are going crazy over the idea. Children. Parents. General Public. This is going to be major. I can feel it in my bones!! Next we'll offer it to people throughout the city regardless of where they live.

6. I'm back in Louisiana (Lafayette). I thought. I needed to and did try leaving. Louisiana is my home, though. It's the place where I'm most comfortable within the US.

7. Since early September I've been living with a family I know in a very welcoming, lively, homey house. It's been great and they said I'm welcome to stay forever. I'll once again be moving into my own place within the next few days, though. I've enjoyed this essentially rent free, bill free ride that I've been on since the end of May when I first left Lafayette. *siiiigh* But my creativity has been MIA lately, and it's time for me to get back settled focused. My etsy shop hasn't been updated with new garments in ages.

8. I've never had a roommate and, before now, hadn't lived with anyone since I left home at 18. I thought the transition would be hard. I always felt I needed my own place, my own space to live how I want and do, blah, blah, blah. (And that's not to say that I don't.)However, living here has been quite an enlightening experience. What's more, I learned that, *gasp*, I can share a bathroom with other people without having a panic attack!!!

9. When I left 6 months ago, I'd sold or given away everything I owned except the essentials. I have my books, clothes to wear, clothes I've made, my sewing machines, sewing supplies, fabric, my computer--I left with 5 boxes. I no longer have a couch, bed, t.v., not even a sewing table. No dishes, pots, pans--none of that. I'm starting from scratch again.

10. I've always been somewhat of a psychologist--for myself. Thankfully I have this ability to self-diagnose. Lately I've been considering a recurring subject that I come across when examining my mental health and behaviors: I tend to attract needy people a lot. Seeing as how I do find there to be some truth to the adage that the people you attract reflect you, I have to do some serious self-reflection and ask myself, "Dang...I'm I really needy??" And I can honestly answer, "Yes, I am. To some degree." But then I start to wonder, "Do I attract these type of people because I'm such a big giver of myself?" I give so much of my energy away to people all the time. (I'm quite conscious of this and have decided to stop doing so on certain levels. There are times, though, when I feel it's not only necessary, but the outcomes could be detrimental if I don't.)


I heard it for the first time in a long time the other day and had a very serious nostalgic moment. This was and still is one of my most favorite songs.



Ms. Bar B: said...

Glad to read such great things are on the horizon for you. That sewing class took me back to my elementary days =). I think it was 5th grade that we had a program come in and create a sewing class for us. And one of my guy friends was in the class! I made a dress, and the class ended up getting featured in the newspaper... I still have the clipping =). I am expecting your class to be in the news too!!

And how about that? You ended up right back at home. You are needed and I know that the community is going to love you so much for the gift that you are about to give them.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

It's nice to know where we belong. So far, I've succeeded in identifying the places I don't belong but have yet to find home. We're nomads-as long as I'm traveling with this brood of mine, I suppose I'm at home. Anyway, welcome back! And much success on your new endeavors and settling back in.

narcissaqtpie said...

The sewing program sounds amazing! People keep telling me i need to make money from my sewing, but I'd rather not. I would love to get some time to participate in teaching/working with kids in crafts though, you gave me something to think about...

I used to attract "needy" folks, It was weighing down on me emotionally so I just cut everyone off except my family. I felt super guilty at first but I am much better FOR MYSELF today because of it.

oh & no lie... last month I broke out the Natalie I. so I could get kiddo to listen...

Gallery Juana said...

The sewing program is a great idea. It will be hard to say who will be enriched more, since I am sure everyone will find it rewarding.

I can't believe it has been since May that you moved. Good luck with finding a place of your own. I am just getting settled in myself.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

I love the idea of the sewing program. Those kids will never forget it. I've never forgotten people who came to the hood to help me as a kid.

Here's something for you to consider from one giver to another, Givers have a NEED to give, and attract people who are NEEDY. The thing is, you have to be careful not to surround yourself with all takers because you WIll one day need some help and takers may not ever feel they that they HAVE to give unconditionally.

High Desert Diva said...

All very interesting. I'll be interested in future updates on your sewing enrichment program...it sounds wonderful.

Best to you on your move to your own place. And remember: Freecycle and Craigslist. !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fly Tie :),

my lady!I was so enjoying this post,as I find it so nice of you to share with us your projects and reflections about your life.I can only wish you all the best with the sewing class.Ohhh...please report about it later on :)!
I am happy that you are back home.I do not know why,but it just feels right knowing that you are in Louisiana.
You said here that you do not find money essential for life and I understood it.However,especially because of that I would like to know what would you like to buy if money were no option.I wrote about it in my last post.I would be very interested in that :).
I send you a strong hug my dear and stay blessed :o)!
Oh,by the way,I love the Thorn song,too.And...the guy in the video is so cute,if I may add =D!


that sewing class sounds like the bomb...I would luv to do that...You'll be great at it...and some many people will be exposed to a skill that they can't learn anywhere else...

fly tie said...

yes! i'm really looking forward to the program kicking off. thanks for all the positive words of support. :-D

@ ms. bar b: we're allowing boys to take the class, too, and i hope we get one! as far as i'm concerned, sewing is unisex...come one come all!!!!

@ t. allen-mercado: i've also identified the places where i feel i *don't* belong permanently. sadly it's been most places i've been to, ha!

@narcissa: do it! teach the youth. :-)

i'm quick to seclude myself and cut people off like you mentioned. and i usually don't feel bad about it. it *is* quite liberating.

@ jewelry rockstar: i hear that. thanks for the words of adivice. i always enjoy your insight.

@ high deser diva: yep...i'll certainly be utilizing those 2 resources.

@ jasmina: thanks, my dear! i'll be sure to post updates about the program. i've left my thoughts on your page.