Saturday, September 26, 2009


The jacket is finished and has been handed over to its owner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh of relief* I do have photos, but seeing as how I'm in transition and typing from everyone's computer but my own these days, I'm currently unable to transfer them, upload them to my files, and show them to the world. Well, I guess I could but I'll wait. They'll be posted soon...

In the meantime, I'd like to share something with y'all pertaining to my author-sistafriend Ms. Olympia Vernon....errr Mrs. Olympia Vernon-_____...More on the updated prefix later with lovely pictures to accompany!
She's currently being featured as one of the top stories on the front of Louisiana State University's website,

(There's much to be said about that floral couch, too. I'll have to give y'all the run down on our day of adventure with that in a post to come.)

Once there, click the image to read more about her writing process, and get a glimpse inside the mind of one highly gifted in the literary arena.

Or just go here:

O, yes! :-D



A Cuban In London said...

Look at who's storming through the swinging doors of my bar, Remington carbine held in one hand whilst the other ruffles her hair!

Welcome back.

By the way, your Sade is not playing. I think copyright got you there.

Thanks for your comments on my blog.

Greetings from London.

fly tie said...

thanks! :-D i miss all my blogger family so very much!

the sade should be fixed now. yeah, they get me sometimes. :-/

and thank YOU for having such a wonderful blog to comment on.

Gallery Juana said...

I scanned several earlier posts and saw the jacket to be made. That is one complicated jacket! Congratulations on getting it done.

Like you, my internet use is unpredictable now that I am in transition.

I always enjoy visiting your blog and hearing about your adventures.
Thanks for coming by.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Yay! So good to see you around again, and hear thngs are going well. I'm off to check out the links, don't be such a stranger! :D

Newness of Life said...

Yay@ at finishing the jacket. Can't wait to see how it turned out. I'm hoping to get back to blogging myself soon. Off to check out those links!