Thursday, October 8, 2009

About a Dress

On September 5, 2009, my friend Olympia was joined in holy matrimony to a charming man in a private ceremony. Following the ceremony a select group of individuals converged and engaged in merriment and glee at an intimate reception in honor of the new union. Seeing as how I was not actually present at said reception, I can only assume that the aforementioned merriment and glee are the reality of the day. However, knowing the ways in which love can inspire the best in people, I'm going to stick with this assumption. :-D.

Come along with me for a pictorial presentation of the day's occasion. In the process, you'll be able to read my impromptu, (poorly composed) short story about a particular dress and an explanation as to why I missed out on such a special moment.


Sometime in early to mid August I got word from Olympia that she was getting in less than a month. Of course she'd need a dress, and she was entrusting me to make it... on time. Something non-traditional, canary yellow, and strapless. Simlar in style to this dressfrom my shop but with a contrast color peeping from under like in this one. Something in color. Not just white.

The contrast colors were important, but the band at the center was to be solid, not patchwork like the original. Ok. I got it. In my head. I never really was a sketcher.

Time went on. We did more "virtual designing" via phone, email, and Yahoo! Chat and determined that the contrast colors should be blue in nature. Yellow and blue usually go well together. Turquoise and navy blue is what we decided. Yep, that was gonna be it.

And some of that stuff to make it poof out and be full, Olympia added. Netting. In white. Canary yellow, navy, turquoise, and white. Yep. That was it. We had it together.

Oh! And what about a belt attached to the center band? I thought it was a good idea and dug upone of my earlier designs (which was later produced in another form) and emailed her the link as an example of what I meant. She liked it and also decided that her band should be wide--like the original dress--not 2-3 inches as we'd first thought, but much wider. Alright. I had all the info I needed. All that was left was for me to make it happen.

But wait. I needed measurements. The dress has to actually fit! Ummm, but we hadn't (and still haven't) seen each other since June, were in two different states, and all that getting fitted stuff was too much. "Just give me your bust measurement," I say. Yeah. That'll do. If it fits uptop, then we're good. The skirt part is sorta like a one size fits all situation. And where the length is concerned, I'll just use myself as a model to determine how long it should be based on her height (Meaning how tall I guessed she was. I didn't know her actual height). Yep. It was ready to be made.

But one problem: I was ripping and running all over. From North Louisiana to south. Then back. Then back again. Then to Austin, TX. Then back to South Louisiana. Doing thus and that and that and this. All while knowing I was being depended on to make a wedding dress.

August passed on. September arrived. September 1. September 2. I finally went to purchase the materials on this day and learned that canary yellow wasn't really an option. There were only a few shades of light yellow and a golden yellow. I called from the store and we made the decision over the phone: golden yellow. Ok. I had the materials. Still no dress. I was in transition unsettled. No place to really set up my machine and supplies and get to work, but it was gonna get made.

Then we came to a resolution: I'd go to her home--further South Louisiana--make the dress Thursday, and leave it there for when she arrived back home that Friday evening for the ceremony that would take place on Saturday. We were pushing it, but hey, it had to be done.

So I went, made the dress, hung it up so it'd be in plain view when she walked in, and headed out Friday morning back to where I was (about 2 hrs. away) with the intention of going back down that way to attend the reception on Saturday. When I woke up Saturday, though, the exhaustion had set in. I could barely move and just felt sick. All the driving and ripping and running all around had taken its toll, and I knew I wouldn't make it. :-(

When it was all said and done, and the vows were taken, and the fun was had, and the people were gone, we talked, and I was happy to know that the dress--designed and created over the miles without us ever seeing each other to get it done--had worked out in the end. She loved it, the people loved it, and a new concept was born The Olympia Dress. I'll be coming out with a collection of this style and variations of it as an alternative to the usual styles of wedding dresses.



A Cuban In London said...

What a saga! I loved the dress, by the way. May thanks.

Greetings from London.

Newness of Life said...

Wow! That dress is so pretty! I love the colors so much. She looks very happy and beautiful. You did a great job and the story had me hooked. lol. it's amazing (and stressful) what we can accomplish under pressure.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fly Tie :),

first of all a big hug and a kiss for making it happen!The dress is beautiful and unique.Bliss :)!
Yesterday,when I saw your post I just tought to myself:Jasmina,this one is a special one,tomorrow you have to read it in peace and tranquillity.And so I did,and I enjoyed it so much.I just can not believe it you managed to make such a special dress only in one day.Incredible,yet so wonderful!
Your friend looked so beautiful and was radiating joy from deep within.Thanks to the love she feels,but also thanks to you!
I am not surprised you were exhausted after it all,but do not worry,your dress was there for you :)!
Thank you so much for sharing this story with us and God bless you!
You truly are an inspiration...kiss,kiss... :)!

Ms. Bar B: said...

What a beautiful and tiring experience. Gives me hope that I could one day being wearing a flytie original and possibly inspire a line, hahaha. The dress was amazing and so full of life. Koodos to both you and your friend for going outside of the box... that's were all the real enjoyment is!

Hope you are resting up.

Anonymous said...

Ah..what a wonderful story! The dress is beautiful and I would love to have one for will definitely work with a cardigan for non-wedding attire ;o)