Thursday, September 25, 2008

Simple Things

**Don't be overwhelmed by all the words. Pictures follow ;-)**

Considering that I don't have much to speak of today where newly made garments are concerned (I've got a lot of projects in the works...not many completed), I figured it'd be fun to take part in a meme I recently came across on the fabulous, "makes ya feel warm and fuzzy" blog of Cutie Booty Cakes. You can tell that's one of my favorite internet spots to visit by the fact that a meme I did back in August was swiped from there as well.

Just a bit (more) about ya girl fly tie:

1. Where is your cellphone? Not sure. Probably somewhere on silent or vibrate.

2. Where is your significant other?
At home knocked out sleeping I suppose.

3. Your hair color:
Brownish/blackish/reddish with some goldish/blond strands speckled throughout.

4. Your mother: Is often addressed as though she were 20 something. Seems like we've both got a bit of that "Be mistaken for much younger than you are" gene.

5. Your favorite thing: Water

6. Your dream last night: *Will refrain from posting in order to protect the innocent*

7. Your dream/goal? To acquire the courage (from within) to give in and let go when it's most significant

8. Your hobbies: Basking in the sunshine, speaking to Spanish speaking people in their language, and going to the farmers market or grocery store to buy food. Shopping for food makes me almost as happy as shopping for fabric, and I really don't even eat that much.

9. Your fear: I'm didn't know?? But really? Something falling on my head. :-/

10. Where do you want to be in 6 years: Doing whatever I'm doing proficient in or at least still working towards number 7 above.

11. Where were you last night?: At home.

12. What you’re not: Incompassionate.

13. One of your wish list items: A lush garden filled with a variety of fruits and vegetables that grows and prospers regardless of how ignorant I am of doing what it takes to not kill everything off. :-/

14. Where you grew up: Grambling, LA with educational stints in Ruston, LA.

15. The last thing you did: Looked up something online.

16. What are you wearing: Hoochie-fied jean shorts and a green tank top. Don't worry, I don't wear the shorts out the house. Anymore. :-O

17. Your tv: Is 13 inches, Is the only one I have, was given to me as a gift at the age of 11, gets 7 channeles, rarely gets watched, has an antenna on top, and will likely become defunct come February 17, 2009 since I don't want no converter box or cable bill.

(Edited to say that I'm big on listening to internet radio, and that's where i get most of my news-ish info from. I find it to be much more raw, truthful, and unbiased...which is what I prefer.)

18. Your pet: Nonexistent. *Pours out a bit of water as libation to all those of the past who were hit by cars* :-(

19. Your computer: Needs some of the thousands of pictures stored on it removed.

20. Your mood:Exuberant

21. Missing someone: Yeah. :-)

22. Your car: Has been mine for 8 yrs. and should probably be replaced. That's my buddy, though. We've shared some great times together.

23. Something you’re not wearing: Shoes.

24. Favorite store: A tie between Fresh Pickins Produce Market and Albertsons.

25. Your summer: Has carried over into fall. That's south Louisiana for ya.

26. Love someone: Indeed I do. :-D

27. Your favorite color: At the moment...Green

28. When is the last time you laughed: Seconds ago when I thought about how I do little dances at the produce market. I mean...just picking out oranges or tomatoes thrills me. (It'll be even more thrilling when I can pick such items out of my own garden.)

29. Last time you cried: Tuesday, September 16.

As for pictures of the one new item I did fully complete:'ve seen the style before, but it's a different color. Also, check out the hair flower....which is actually just a piece of t-shirt material crumbled up to resemble a flower and pinned to my head. The picture needed some gold/yellow in it. A burst of sunshine, if you will. :-)

Have a lovely day.


Mekhismom said...

I love reading memes it is such a great way to get to know the folks that you read about everyday. Thanks for playing along - everyone is tagged when I do a meme, I just can't do the whole link by link thing.

Am I warm and fuzzy? I mean is my blog warm and fuzzy? That is really sweet.

Breath of Light said...

*GASP* I was just linking your last tunic dress and this one is just as beautiful!

Ms. Bar B: said...

I LOL @ #6 and I can totally relate to #7. I am gonna have to come back to take in all of the rest due to the fact that I am sneaking in this visit =)

That is such a yummy beautiful color by the way.

PamperingBeki said...

You look awesome!

And I LOVE the flower in your hair. ;-)

Danz said...

That's one complex hair colour you've got there, miss. I love your answer for #6 lol.
I think I may like this dress even more than the other one - I LOVE purple!! The bright yellow flower is a great touch.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I need a Tisa dress...I need one, yes I do!

TV is bad for you, I hear you-liberate yourself come February. We lived about 4 years sans TV, it was incredible.

Fun meme.

Muze said...

awww. love the meme. and the t-shirt flower! how creative.

and of course the dress is gorge.

Debra said...

That barberry color is beautiful, you always find the greatest fabrics.
Have a great weekend.

please sir said...

Such a fun dress - love the yellow accent too!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

@Renee-- yes you are warm and fuzzy.

LOL at the T.V. thing. Also, I have a dream of having a garden filled with fruits and veggies. When I get to FL, I definitely have to have a sunny yard. My yard is all shade right now.

Lite }{ said...

I actually found out some stuff 'bout you I didn't know! Kewl! I did already know that ur one awesome chica! Don't change unless you wanna! Paz}{

Lite }{ said...

Never knew these were called memes! It's contagious and I plan on doing one soon! Thanks for the continuous inspiration! }{

ohthatgirl said...

Great, fun and informative meme. Love the dress and your hair and the cloth flower. ;O)

A Cuban In London said...

I love your dress sense. It is very... what's the word?... hmmm... uncompromising. Hard to pin down. Unique.

If you ever venture into men's kilts, I would volunteer to wear one :-)

Greetings from London.


thank you stylish girls for your comment on my street style pics
London was a delight, people are so colorful and kind
of course, there is always some stupid people everywhere but compared to Paris, it was great

You keep on doing great with your style
Tomorrow is the Paris Fashion week : expect great pics on my blog

cheers from Paris


High Desert Diva said...

Great meme. I like the dress in this color!

fly tie said...

mekhismom--yes, your blog is warm and fuzzy, ha ha! i'm always happy when i'm there.

danz--it's actually maroon, but i know how computers can change the color of things. now i'm gonna have to see about making a purple one. :-D

t. allen-mercado--yeah. i think i will do just that. but you know what? if i could pay only for the food network and just have that one channel i'd gladly do so. since that doesn't seem to be an option (i've asked) guess i'll be tv-less within a few months.

jewelry rockstar--so it's not just me, ha ha! i think the idea of a garden overflowing with fruits and veggies is one of the most beautiful things ever. i had it growing up and took it for granted. now i can *really* understand the value.

lite--girl yeah. there's all sorts of random things about me lol! yeah, you should do some memes so i can learn more about you to...aside from what i learned during the hotel get together when i was there, lmao!

cuban in london--ha! i'm gonna hold you to your word.

style and the city--thanks so much. i love visiting your site and your photos. it gives me inspiration.

thanks so much everyone for the comments. :-)