Sunday, August 24, 2008

Crooked Feet, Schooling, and a 3 Layered Cake

As if you needed or wanted to know anymore details about me, I decided to do another meme + photo today. Taken from the blog of cutie booty cakes, it goes a little something like this:

“Tell us/me/the world 10 interesting/random/quirky/normal/silly things about yourself … things you’re looking forward to, things about you personally, whatever you want.”

here goes...

1. I had a severe case of pigeon toes as a child. I eventually grew out of it.

(this one's kinda long)
2. Although I went to school for and have a bachelors degree in apparel design and merchandising (and minors in business and visual arts...gotta mention that. I didn't take all those classes for nothing, lol!) English/literature/history is my thing. I used to look back and say that I never should have went to school for the former, especially since I sometimes feel like it wasn't worth it (see here), but I'm over it now and appreciate the experience. In fall 2006 I went back to school for English and history, with a focus on black/African history. Right now I'm doing it part time...sometimes less than that, have a 4.0, and am being heavily courted for grad school. However, I don't know about that. (Although undergrad English is becoming a bore *yawn.*)

**Edited to say I do love clothing design/construction, but it just might not have been necessary to go to school for it. Especially since I wasn't looking to get a job in the fashion industry.

3. My blog is mostly about my craft, but most of the blogs I lurk on deal with social issues, history, culture, health, personal views, etc.

4. Speaking of school and tests, I'd much rather write a lengthy paper than take some ol' bland, test. Papers allow for elaboration, creative thought, and for the person to interject there perceptions into whatever topic is being discussed.

5. More on school. Although I went to college and go part time these days, my approach to and thoughts about the institution aren't the traditional ones. Yeah, it's, degrees, and all that, but I'm about the interactions and ways in which I can gain something from someone else's views. As far as a lot of what's taught, I definitely believe that you've gotta research things for yourself and not take all that's said as the matter of fact truth. Cause man, some of that stuff that's being put out there...*shakes head* (And I guess this is more so the case with literature and history, but I'm sure it's relevant with most of the subjects. )

6. If/when I sleep with clothes on and get hot during the night, I strip in my sleep. (Is that too much info?? lol!)

7. Nearly everything I read about scorpios is true about me. (Like much of this, for example. Not all of it, but a lot.) It's amazing. So many of the described characteristics are things that I could never have put into words. when reading some of the stuff I'm like, "That is so true!!"

8. My mama got jumped by some girls when she was pregnant with me (age 16/17) and beat 'em down, lol! and I'm ok, I think.

9. My first name came from a little girl who got hit by a school bus and my middle name came from the middle name of my mom's high school best friend who died in a car wreck last year :-( .

Read about that here:

ok one more....hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

10. Well, I've been in a relationship for 5 yrs. Although I'm not against "shackin' up" (that phrase always makes me laugh) we've never lived together, cause I've never lived with anyone since coming here for college in 2001 and I'm not sure I'm quite ready for it yet. Also, if/when we get married, I don't even want a wedding. *gasp*!!! ha ha! The idea just doesn't excite me. Now, a trip to some cool, cultured, beautiful place I've never been? That'll Work. But definitely no disrespect to anyone who had a wedding. I enjoy going to them. :-D

me and him yesterday

So, I mentioned in my last post that Saturday was his 29th b-day and that i was gonna make a cake. Well I did. It was completely from scratch, vegan, all that good stuff. Tasted great. Additionally, I prepared falafel and tahini, both from scratch. I even made the whole wheat pita bread that it was to be eaten on from scratch. Normally I buy bread, but I forgot to pick some up and didn't feel like going to the store. I like doing stuff from scratch. That's how my mama did it and her mama before her and her mama before her and so on and so forth. Plus doing it that way lets me know exactly what's in it.

Made it to his place, walked into the living room, and what do I see?? Four pizza boxes on the table. Everybody full, laid out on furniture. 2 of his brothers, his nephew, and parents were there watching the Saints game. I knew they were gonna be over, but I didn't know they were gonna bring pizza. Neither did he know (they were there when he got home from work that night.) Neither did they know I was cooking. So we just put the food away to be eaten later. Everybody loved the cake, which is saying a lot for people who look at anything vegan with a suspicious eye, lol!

When everyone left, we ended up flipping between the Food Network, MTV, and VH1 Soul and having various discussions about food/cooking, music, egotism, media, and society. We also caught part of Purple Rain on some channel, which inspired another discussion about Prince. It was a pretty laid back and thought provoking evening.

Have a wondrous day.



Karma by Morgan said...

you and your main man are so good looking together! good match :)

I too wonder about my undergrad degree (only a year old!) in classical archaeology minoring in religion and classical studies. I love it, but am finding it hard to find a real steady job, especially with this economy going to shit.

I agree with you AGAIN :) i read two versions of my horoscope EVERYDAY! I am a cancer, it blows me away sometimes how true they are - especially if i end up checking my email at the end of the day and see how true it was after the fact.

good luck! I am now thinking about law school - so ya never know what can happen :)

SewMuchDetail said...

Love your Etsy shop and your blog!! Thank you sew much for stopping by mine too!

Mekhismom said...

I am so glad that you decided to do that meme. It is great way to get to know folks. You mentioned going to school part time for English and being courted by Grad schools. Have you ever considered taking the GRE in English and getting your degree from a school that accepts that to prove your competency? I know of at least one school in NY ( I believe it is the Board of Regents) that does it and it is well respected. Perhaps you can look into that and then pursue your graduate degree. Why waste time and be bored when you don't have to?

Julie said...

You're awesome, woman! The consistent and self-sufficient way that you live your life is very inspiring. I hope to follow your example by finding a path that I love and sticking with it sometime in the near future. :)

smittenkittenorig said...

I really like your blog & have to just say thanks for commenting on mine so I could be made aware of your presence. :D

I completely understand about the degree situation. Mine is in Biology with a double minor in Medieval Studies & Psychology and after all that, I decided that I wanted to write & craft in yarn to follow my bliss. Happily it's worked out but if I had a chance for a do-over, I'd be an English major all the way. But I also believe that things work out just as they meant to.

But more importantly, what's the recipe for the cake? :)

Christopher And Tia said...

Falafel sounds so good right now. I've been really craving that, along with some babaga-however-you-spell-it. Ya know, roasted eggplant stuff thats to die for?? I need to find a good recipe. If you have one, I'd LOVE it if you shared it with me. And your recipe for falafel, how do you make that? I can't make it from mixes, because of my food allergies. Mmm, I'm hungry now.

please sir said...

Sounds like a great evening!

Hey Harriet said...

I enjoyed your 'random facts' - was a really interesting read! All that yummy food you made sounds so yummy! Way better than pizza!!! Glad the night was a good one. You & your guy look so good together btw. A very cool couple! I'm with you on the whole wedding thing :)

Katie said...

no wonder, it's still hot where you live. when does LA cool off?

and weddings... we looked in the phone book and called the Music City Wedding Chapel (we live outside of Nashville) and went there because the guy said that he would just sign our paper and let us go. worked for us.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Beautiful pic...lots of brown, lots of texture. Very nice.

Aaah the institutions of higher learning...I've attended some prestigious universities-I gleaned the most wisdom outside of the walls. I think the commitment to acquiring higher education speaks mounds more than the education itself...if that makes sense.

I knew you were cool as all get out, loved your meme!

fly tie said...

thanks everyone!

karma--yeah the whole go to college then find a job thing doesn't always end up being as to the point as *they* make it sound.

best wishes with whatever you decide! people have tried to persuade me to go to law school as well.

mekgismom--yeah, i feel ya, and actually this might be my last semester going. i took the GRE in the summer of 2006 in order to get in grad school for english. let's just say me and that test didn't get along, lol! not only that, i didn't have enough english credits, since my degree was in another area. that's what prompted me to get back in school for accumulate more english credits, *then* apply for grad school again.
after 2 yrs., i'm not so sure that's what i want to do anymore, although i have plenty english credits at this point. i'm confident that i'd be great at grad school and know it would suit me better. i'd never heard of what you mentioned. will have to look into it.

julie--such a flattering comment. although i'm one of the most indecisive people i know, lol! :-)

smittenkitten--yep, i know in the end things will end up being the way they need to be. and i'll add the cake recipe to my next post.

katie--now that sounds like my kind of wedding. straight to the point! it'll probably begin to cool off enough to where it's worthy of being mentioned in late october. it's the humidity that gets me. i was walking on campus yesterday and was drenched with sweat. :-/

christopher and tia--yeah, falafel is yummy, and i know the eggplant dish you're talking about, too. love greek/lebanese food. i'm gonna list that recipe as well in my next post.

t. allen-mercado--so so true. if i took a lot of what's taught in history and literature as fact, i'd be one disoriented individual who thought i had no culture and no history. me cool?? that means a lot coming from you! :-D

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Funny thing about education. We may not actually work in the field we studied for. No one can ever, ever take that education away from you though and the knowledge transfers.

I majored in Fash. Des when I first started college. I soon discovered I had all I needed in that field and went on to Psych. Got a Grad degree in Counseling and one in Stats. But what do I do know??? Advertising and Jewelry Design. It all comes full circle. Don't forget that!!!

I love that u make everything from scratch!!!!!

La Alicia said...

you seem like a well round terrfic human being -- wish you lived in my city and could join our craft nights. reading your blog today left me feeling inspired!

you and your man are so pretty together! :)

cut2clothe said...

The 2 of u r beautiful together.
I dedicate to you 2 a tune I was listening to at the beach on my lunch break

Feels Good, Rahsaan Patterson

It's the dog in the park
It's the fog after dark
It's the wind in your hair

It's the kiss that you left
After giving your best
It's the thought as I walk

It's like taking sips from your cup of coffee
Smoking a cigarette after dinner time
It's like making love on Egyptian cotton
All in all it will be fine

Feels good
It feels good
Feels good
It feels good

So good
Feels so good
It feels so good
You know it feels so good

It's a song in your head
Eating chocolate in bed
It's a bird up in flight

A divine melody
Glass of wine burgundy
It's the love of your life

It's like taking sips from your cup of coffee
Smoking a cigarette after dinner time
It's like making love on Egyptian cotton
All in all it will be fineChorus:
Feels good
(Feels good, you know)
It feels good
(You know it feels good)
Feels good
(Ooo, you know that )
It feels good

No doubt
We've got a love thing
That's definitely here to stay
One thing I do have to say is
That in each and every way
Ohhhh, it

Feels good
Feels good yeah
You know
Know it
So good
So good

Feels good
(Hmmm, know know it feels good)
(Oh you know that)
Feels good
(Oh you know it feels good)
It feels good
So good
So good
So good

Feels good
It feels so good
You know it feels so good

Danz said...

Great post - I enjoyed reading all the info about you. I totally agree with you on the test thing...I would much rather do research for a paper than study for an exam!

I love that pic. You're so pretty and "him" is hot! Damn...something about a man with gorgeous, well groomed locks. You two make a beautiful couple :)

Thanks for your comments on my blog! I added your link too!

Samantha Ashlei Rose said...

I stumbled upon your blog through a friends, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post! Very interesting, and additionally- I totally love your design...

please sir said...

Thanks for your living comment - so glad to hear you love where you are and can still create!

Debra said...

What a great looking couple!!

By the way I love your Etsy store, your clothing is beautiful.