Friday, August 22, 2008


You know what? Sometimes I'm not so sure what to do with myself.

Sewing helps cause I can channel some of my mental chaoticism/feelings into fabric. And sorta distract myself from myself at times.

Speaking of sewing stuff, three new pieces..

Unfinished scrap skirt. I especially love how the sun is coming through the blinds giving me a facial tattoo. Post about my love of the sun found here.

View of the side and back with my hand covering the unfinished zipper.

I never mentioned it here, but since I'm on garments made from scraps, last month I made this lil number from some fabric pieces that really had no other purpose...

I ended up twisting my hair yesterday so it wouldn't be as tall in the pictures. That helps when I'm trying to crop the photos....a little. I think a shaved head might help even more.

So tomorrow my guy will turn 29. 29!! And to think the dude was 23 when we got together. My goodness. Anyway. I'm gonna make him a completely made from scratch cake for the bearthday. Something else I really love doing: cooking/baking. I just gotta do stuff with my hands, mayne. to make a "test cake" before the real thing.

Oh, before I go, I wanna say thanks for all the beautiful comments left on my last post
about a dress that I was only about 62.8% sure about at the time of completion. (Now I'm about 88.5 % sure.) Y'all are great. :-)



Jennifer said...

Your style is awesome! Happy birthday to your guy...I remember when mine was 29...time flies when your having fun :-)

High Desert Diva said...

A test cake and a real cake and you can still have that figure...trying realllllllllly hard not to be envious here!

Happy 29th to your guy!

Mekhismom said...

You have such a great eye. Your style is impeccable. 29? Hmm that was a long while ago for me, Happy Birthday to your guy!

And thank you for your kind words.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Flytie's Guy!

I need to keep busy too or I just get more ridiculous! I'm going to dance some of it away tonight and hopefully restore order come Monday. Have a great weekend.

Pink Kitty said...

love that first dress. Those colors are great together. Love your style girl :)

Cat said...

hey there - good luck with the cake!
Those skirts are great!!

Mixed Species said...

The said and done skirt is a full out beaut!
Best to your guy.

kim* said...

im lovin the wraps alot

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

scrap skirt looks yum

Hey Harriet said...

Love all these! You're so creative & stylish! Happy birthday to your guy! You make 'test cakes' to. Cool! I thought I was the only person that did that. Test cakes are fun! Test baking = test eating :D Happy weekend to you!

Julie said...

Those are all lovely! And if I wasn't pregos, I would snatch them up for myself. :)

fly tie said...

thanks all. :-) regarding the test cake, this is something i do when i know other people are gonna be eating some. it's very small. i only make vegan cakes, so i just wanna be sure all the ingredient substitutes do right and the cake is really good so i don't have to hear no noise from the non vegans.

high desert diva--*blush* :-D (i'm actually up early to go walk off some of the eating i did yesterday, but it's raining at the present moment)

tameka--yeah, keeping myself occupied does help tremendously.

julie--you're pregnant??? awwwww....i'll have to make you one with a stretch waist, ha ha! you're the sweetest. :-)

torrance--glad you thank so, my dear.

Psyche said...

I always LOVE your scrap skirts!