Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Here Comes The Sun..."

"...and I say, it's alright."

(love, love, love that song and peter tosh!! and i gotta give the beatles their props for
the original. ooooh, and I just discovered nina has a version! The song is so real. Whenever it's been rainy and gray for over a week or just cold and gloomy for an extended period, it feels like everything is just hopeless. But soon as the sun reappears, it just feels like everything is gonna be o.k.)
A few weeks I was contacted by a wonderful etsy seller interested in doing a trade. For those unfamiliar, basically one seller trades an item in their shop for something in they like in another shop. The person being contacted can either agree or disagree. Sorta like bartering.

I'm always open for a good trade. Well, I'll say *usually* I am. It depends on the item of interest.
;-) This particular etsian makes really nice hand etched and painted products and told me that she'd be willing to custom paint whatever I wanted on one of her pendants. I knew immediately that I wanted a sun. The sun is one of my favorite phenomenons, and I thought it would be great to have a "sun necklace" to wear around.

So, she agreed, went to work, and produced this adorable piece just for me:

I really love the spunk and character she gave it. A simple kindergarten style of sun with the circle in the middle and the pointed rays all around would have been fine by me, but she incorporated her artistry, and I love it! :-D Again, you can check out her work here: Many, many, many thanks, Emily :-).

Speaking of the sun, I'm *still* debating over my dress for the wedding that I wrote about
last Sunday . I'd said I was gonna ditch the yellow dress for something a bit more stretchy and form fitting, but now I'm not so sure. The color really appeals to me right now, and there's no stretch material anywhere around here in that tone. So, I think I'm gonna just end up wearing the original. Although it's been altered a bit:

When working on it last, I was in a short dress mood. Consequently about a foot of it ended up being cut off at the bottom. I'll pair this with some stilettos (I'm more of a flats kinda girl, but this dress calls for heels) and just rock it that way. Now I'm wishing I hadn't made the neckline as wide as I did, cause the sleeves will be buggin' me while I'm trying to get my groove on during the wedding reception. I'd put darts in at the neck to take up some of that access material, but they made it look all funky and had to be removed. All in all it's cool. I'll manage with the sleeves hanging a bit. I realized I was stressing over this whole situation as though *I'm* the one getting married!
But I tend to always get this way when sewing for myself. :-/ My mind might change again in the coming week. Stay tuned.

Wishing everyone a sunny day!



kim* said...

great trade. i wouldn't do trades cause i always price my items super just wouldn't be fair to me lol

lovemaryxoxo said...

Glad your trade worked out. Love your items. Your shop rocks!

MsAnomaly said...

Wow, great dress! I envy anyone who can sew so well; I sure can't! Your clothing is fantastic!

Nicole Solo said...

what a sweet pendant you got :)