Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Even if it takes forever and a day for me to do..."

Feelin' D'Angelo right now. Wishing he'd return with more goodness. The man gives me chiiiiiiills. I know y'all (who knew) didn't forget? And it's not even the sexiness of the video that gets me. Yeah..dude's fine as ever (or at least he was...haven't seen him in forever), but where the physical's concerned, I can take it or leave it (and that's saying a lot for someone who used to really be into guys with muscular arms donned with tattoos.) Thing of it is is how honest and open this song and video are. And the passion...especially towards the end. I just love how his music affects me. (Some feel that that particular video is what messed it up for him. Something about folks not appreciating the music...just the video. I don't know, but I know he's got a lot more to offer than a nice body and sexy lips. True talent, man. Always has been far as I'm concerned.) And nothing against Smokey, but D'Angelo's version of "Cruisin" is my jam. Love 'em both, though. Such a smoooth song in general.

Man..really missing these two on the scene right now. Legends. And don't even get me started on Lauryn and my love for her music.

(Y'all see I had to edit the subtitle of my blog, cause I"m always talking about music on here.)

So. Seems like it's taken forever and a day for me to start on a whole bunch of new inventory that I'm doing for the cooler months. Yeah. I start making my "cold clothes" later than what's PC in the world of fashion. But hey. I never claimed to follow such standards. ;-)

Things have finally started rolling, and right from the jump, I believe that I am in love with this dress:

Now, I've made this--and versions of this--before (see here, here, here, and here), but never in brooooown. Just love it. This one was gonna be for sale in my etsy shop, but I think I'll just list it for custom order and keep this particular one for myself. Otherwise, I'll never get around to making myself one, and I really want one. Really that was the plan anyway: to offer this style for custom order in various colors, but I was also gonna sell the original. Well not now, suckas! ha ha! :-) see here

Also made another skirt:

I'm about out of scraps that coordinate well with each other, so this is nearing the end. For a while anyway.

Speaking of me taking forever and a day to do stuff...

What now seems like a loooong time ago, I was given a blog award by Jewelry Rockstar, and then last week Needles, Fabric, and Thread gave me another.

Due to the hurricane situation and my minimal approach when it comes to blog updating here lately, I've been a bit slow at acknowledging them. I'm so flattered, especially considering that theirs are two blogs that I enjoy visiting. Now, I'm no good at doing what one is asked to do when given such awards cause 1.) I'm not exactly sure who follows my blog consistently, and 2.) I love too many people to only select a few! :-) Check the links under my "Say What?" section to get an idea of some of my blog favorites. And that's not even all.

But again, I thank you both. Think I'll go celebrate with a big ol' piece of cake and more D'Angelo. :-D

Be well everyone.



alamodestuff said...

Love the dress and the skirt! I often like keeping my creations myself. Treat yourself!

Ms. Bar B: said...

I've got to say that I LOVE D'angelo too! I hope that he will come back to the music scene soon, both him and Maxwell. I almost lost my mind watching the BET Awards when Maxwell came out and performed in a tribute to Al Green. My goodness my goodness!!

Love that dress too =). The kimono sleeves are hot. Will you make it in other colors?

Debra said...

I love the brown dress!

And you are very welcome on the award!!

Danz said...

Ahhh, I remember this vid! Yeah, he did have a great voice. I agree that the song and video are very honest and passionate but I can see how some people may have missed the point.

Lauryn is so talented and such a naturally beautiful woman. She's been looking a bit of a mess lately though.

Love your brown dress and the skirt you made is so cute and funky!

Psyche said...

Oh yes. That brown dress is fantastic!!!!!


Oh, nice to meet you...and thanks from stopping by my site...It's always cool to meet another mom, sista, independent fashionista after my own heart...I'll be back..

please sir said...

Great colors - love that brown on you!

Mekhismom said...

D'Angelo and Lauren had me on a tangent for a minute. This is the 3rd time I am trying to leave a comment. Love them - but something must have been in the water they both were drinking because they seriously fell off. Coincidence? I don't think so. I smell conspiracy. Anyway- love your clothes as usual.

Muze said...

girl i loved that video. i used to love d'angelo. wish he would come back.

him and lauryn.

i saw that dress on etsy and fell in love with it too! lol.

you should try modeling lady. you are stunning!

can't wait to see some more 'cold' clothes. lol.

hope all is well.

MR style said...

i adore your haircut

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

congrats on the award

u wear brown well
and i bet orange also folk

Jewelry Rockstar said...

You know I never liked the D'Angelo vid, but loved the song. That hip bone thing kinda made me think of a homeless guy I saw on the street once. It wasn't a sexy image for me.

You are working the h*ll out of that dress!!!!

fly tie said...

thanks for all the comments. :-D

lmao @ jewelry rockstar and the hip bone & homeless guy! yeah. i think he looks good, but don't have to see the video to listen to the song. i've listened to it on repeat for hours.

@ ms. bar b....i miss maxwell with the hair. :-( but then again, i've got a thing for guys with a lot of hair. and yes! i'll be making that dress in different colors. :-)

@! well folk say both d'angelo and lauryn have fallen off a bit where their appearances are concerned. i don't really have an opinion on that. i just *love* the music.

@ mekhismom...i hear ya. what's up with that??? two greats just off the scene.

@ muze... *blush* thank ya, dear. :-) now see, modeling appeals to me cause it involves getting paid without doing much, ha! if i could find a gig around here, i'll definitely be doing it. for now, though, it's just me up in my room modeling my creations. i might look back into modeling for visual drawing classes at the university. that's probably the closest im'a get around here, lol!

mr. style...merci :-)

torrance...ya think? well, brown *is* my color. thanks, dear.

deedeemoure said...

I love your clothes i will be purchasing more when I get it together. It is so funny that i read your blog today b/c D'angelo will be coming out with an album in the future. i was reading an article on and it was mentioned that he is currently working on an album.

bye for now.

Urbanknit said...

love love love the brown dress! it is so me. really.

as for D'angelo. sigh.

that version of cruising I had to stop listening to because I had overdone it and new every second of it by heart.

hope he comes back soon!

i agree with b. where is Maxwell!