Thursday, September 11, 2008

Move Ya Body

Well, there's no new dress to show like I thought there would be , however I do have a dress to show.

And a third picture just cause I like this shot:

Now the thing about this dress is that it was new to my etsy shop, however not newly made. I completed this piece over a year ago. At the time, though, I wasn't necessarily certain about it. I'd just wanted to use that fabric. See, I like simple garments like this and earthy colors such as this, but I think at the time of its production of was of the mind that it might not appeal to anyone else. I think I was thinking that it really wasn't anything "special" and might just be seen as something that could be found anywhere. When going through my creations the other day, though, I decided that this is a style I want to do more of for this fall winter. I think it's a good layering piece. So I took it out, photographed it, and uploaded it to etsy. That was on Monday. On Tuesday someone bought it, and now the dress is on its way to L.A. as we speak. Or type. Or read. So yep, guess someone other than me was feelin' it. is one of a kind and handmade. That alone makes it special. :-D

Speaking of things that are on their way to California, yesterday I sent 20 of my pieces to Darla's Closet in Lancaster, CA. Because of this, a few items have been removed from my shop. Hopefully they'll find the appropriate home out there with someone in Cali. Meanwhile, I've got newness to create.

Anyone in or near Lancaster can stop by Darla's Closet at:

Historic Old Towne Lancaster
647 West Lancaster Blvd
Lancaster, CA 93536


and have a look. Oh, but you might wanna give the items time to arrive first, ha!

On the subject of movin' your body, I've decided that I want to and need to get back into bellydance class. I took the first beginners class this past January-March at a local studio, and I just absolutely loooved it. Makes ya feel so good (once you can get over how much it works you.) Only thing is is that right now the second beginners class takes place on Tuesday nights and I take an English course at the university on Tuesday nights. Also, I'd prefer to take the class with Courtney (lol @ Shimmy the dog being listed on that page), the one who was my teacher the first time around, and at the present moment she's teaching the first beginners class on Monday nights. Soooo...guess I'm gonna just have to wait til I can coordinate this whole time/instructor thing. In the meantime, I do have a bellydance dvd by Dr. Sunyatta Amen that I do (and love) at home from time to time, but it's just not the same. I like being in the studio with others and the suitable music. Just the energy, ya know??? I think I'm pretty good, but soon I'll be a pro. teaching my own classes somewhere. ha ha! :-)

New dress for real on Sunday and acknowledgment of a couple blog awards. Well, if there's no hurricane or tropical storm activity and I have electricity.

Have a luminous day!


Edited to say...y'all wanna know what's ironic?? When I finished submitting this post, I checked my email and saw that I'd gotten a notice from the dance studio (I'm on their email list). And guess what??? Beginning September 29, the second beginners course will be taught for 10 weeks on Mondays by Courtney!!! This works perfectly for me. I'm too thrilled.

ok. peace for real this time.


High Desert Diva said...

Yay for selling the dress! It would make a great layering piece...make more! (I like the head scarf too)

A bellydancing class sounds like great fun!

Mekhismom said...

Congratulations! On the sale of the dress and those 20 items. You are really doing it on etsy. Sadly I am not experiencing any success there.:(

Mekhismom said...

One more thing - isn't bellydancing fantastic? I loved to bellydance before and during my pregnancy and was saddened to give it up when I went on bedrest. Now you are inspiring me to take a class again!

Christopher And Tia said...

That dress looks really really good. And hot dog, good for you!

Ms. Bar B: said...

I'm gonna have to visit your store because that dress was too cute, and yes, it would be an awesome layering piece.

Oh, and um... bellydance rocks, I have been wanting to take a class for ever.

Psyche said...

I like this dress a lot!

Debra said...

Your dresses all look like they are so comfortable to wear. I love them.

Have fun bellydancing...sounds fun.

please sir said...

Very cute - have a great weekend and keep creating!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

I love the dress. It looks great on you too! That was a super fast sale.

Muze said...

yay for belly dancing! glad you got the class and instructor you wanted.

that dress is cute! i keep saying i'm gonna buy something from your etsy shop, and then when i get ready to, the dress i wanted is always gone. :(

guess i better get on the ball. lolol. i LOVE your hooded dresses.

and yay to your stuff being put in a store in cali! work it mama.


Muze said...

oh, and how long does it take you to make a dress typically? and where/how did you learn? i am really thinking about learning how to sew. i really want to make some of my own clothes. i think that would be hot. lol.

fly tie said...

thanks y'all. i'm too thrilled about my items being in a store in cali. the people there have showed me and my garments nothing but love sense i've been doing this.

mekhismom--etsy can be tricky. seems like it takes a lot of time and energy just to remain visible there...that is if the aim is to just have your items shopped by people who specifically come to the site to purchase items. otherwise, it's just gonna be about bringing people to your shop from elsewhere (handing out cards, advertising, etc.) i think i'm somewhere in between those two..not really investing a lot of energy to remain visible or doing a whole lot outside advertising. i've never been the best salesgirl. :-/ i just like making clothes.

yep. love bellydancing. i can't wait to get back in class. :-D

muze---hey..whenever you're ready, i'm here, forever creating. :-)

depending on the style and amount of handstitching involved, i can make a dress in a couple hours. the green one pictured here probably takes about 1.5 hours. sometimes i get so distracted and end up on the internet or something and a project that would normally take 2 hours will end up taking 5. i have a hard time knowing exact time invested, cause it never fails that i get distracted (and i'm not good about writing down start and stop times)

i taught myself to sew and went to school for design. the schooling part really isn't necessary, as far as i'm concerned anyway. if you've got the skill to sew and a design sense, you can make it happen. you really don't even have to have a design sense. just buy some patterns you like and make 'em. over time you'll become more and more familiar with things like fabric selection for certain styles, fitting, etc.

with a basic instruction book, you can definitely teach yourself to sew. you'll get better over time. you should see some of my early work.

My Fashion Frenzy said...

That dress looks so comfy. =)