Thursday, July 3, 2008

"I don't think ya ready for this thaaaang..."

Alright people! I've turned out something new..finally!

more than a woman mini dress

Named after the song of the same name by Aaliyah. I lot of her songs were on my mind while I was making this dress, so it was only right to name it in her honor.

I'm really diggin' this dress and will most likely be adding a few to my personal wardrobe. This is the perfect garment for the hot, muggy Louisiana summer/fall days. It's also gonna be a new flytie staple.

Ok. Back to youtube to do some more Aaliyah video reminiscing. Ooooh! Now this was my song (and video). I remember as a teen seeing the video every morning and doing the dance routine (or at least trying, ha!) before walking to catch the bus. Oh the memories. I had a serious thing for her last video, too. Such a smooooooth vibe. Deep inside I really wanna be a dancer, so she was/is a big inspiration. :-)

(Edited to add this link to a nice tribute.)


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