Wednesday, July 2, 2008

For *Me*????

I just had to write and tell y'all about some of the lovely gifts that I've received within the last 24 hours. Since I've been living in Lafayette, I've somewhat adopted a couple of families as my own since my "real" family lives elsewhere. One of my "mothers" from one of these families just returned from a week long vacation at a holistic retreat in Douglas, AZ (i was supposed to go but couldn't). Being that the particular area where she was staying is abundant in herbs and such (they just grow wild all over the place), she's able to pretty much help herself to it all. Well, this year she brought me back some chaparral.

which has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and is used for a variety of issues such as tooth decay, liver/kidney/stomach cancers, arthritis, bronchitis, chicken pox, psoriasis, skin & blood purification, etc. I'm not sure why all my herb books say it stinks. I think it smells pretty fresh.

She also gave me some algarrobo beans.

Now I'm not exactly clear on what these are good for, but she told me that I can just munch on them or put them in my drinking water as an energy source. Nonetheless, I'm happy to get 2 natural items....complete with bugs and all... that I've never had! (Yes, these type things make me very happy :-D)

Then, on top of that, she called me over to pick figs from her abundantly producing fig tree. I was picking and eating, picking and eating. Stepped in an ant bed, dusted them off, and kept eating and picking, lol! I only made it home with a small amount. Ironically, while I was over there picking, little did I know that my boyfriend was at his parent's house (my other family) where they'd put him to the task of picking figs from their tree to bring back to me. He ended up with three bags. Needless to say I am in fig heaven.

I've gotta figure out something to do with all these before they go bad. I'm not sure that my stomach can hold too many more. I just love free, straight off the tree fruit...especially when they cost so much in the store.

And lastly, I recently met back up with a lady who I had a design class with waaay back in the day. For the past month, we've been taking a Spanish class together. Well, today was the last day, and she brought some of her beaded jewelry creations to class to offer me one. I chose this:

You can't really see all the detailing from the photo, but it's beautiful.

So yes, I've been the proud recipient of various unsolicited gifts lately. I feel so loved. :-D

Ok. Today I'm gonna go in there and sew something. Be back soon.


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T.Allen-Mercado said...

Look at that, life begets life. All of these wonderful gifts of the universe are coming your way. I hope they inspire you to make something 'sew fly' in the sewing room.