Sunday, June 15, 2008

*Wipes Dust off Sewing Machine*

Just like the week before, last week was also a blur. I had a lot going on, was tired, excessively hot, and might have had a slight bout with depression for a day or so. Consequently, my sewing machine went untouched for 5 days. But yesterday I got back in there and finished up a dress that I started over a month ago.

I really love it, too. :-D

Now, because my brain was kind of foggy while working on it, I ended up using pencil to outline the painted bands instead of the tailor's chalk that I'd intended to use. After a washing much of it came off, but there are still pencil marks, most noticeable around the yellow.

It's not a big distraction, but I'm still gonna list the dress for about 9% less than I normally would ($60 instead of $66).

So that's pretty much all I've had going on lately in the sewing department. I'm working on a couple custom orders right now, and I'll see what else I can produce this week.



Breath of Light said...

Peace sis! that dress is BEAUTIFUL!

fly tie said...

thank you! :-D