Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Up.side Down..."

" out and round 'n round."

(^^Theme song for a dress I just finished up. :-D)

So a couple weeks ago I got a request for a reversible version of my "stepping razor hoodie dress." Despite really liking the technique, never have I created anything reversible. Whenever doing something for the first time, I still get very anxious and intimidated. Thankfully, though, I always come through in the end.

I let the person who it's for know from the beginning that this is something I've never done, but she put me to the challenge anyway. I appreciate that. In actuality it wasn't a challenge at all, and I should have known it really wouldn't be. It was just a matter of having no exposed seams and making sure there's no bulk from one side coming through on the other whenever it's worn either way. Gotta have smooothness, and I learned that that can be tricky when working with knits.

I am so pleased with this outcome and so is she...well at least judging from the photos. ha ha! Hopefully the response will be just as great when she receives it. *crosses fingers.*


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