Sunday, June 8, 2008

Made to Order

So last week was pretty much a blur, but I do know that I worked on 3 custom orders and started on a new dress for the shop. In addition to all the sewing, I also had to deal with car drama. Thanks to the help of my guy, his brother, and his mother as well as an "around the way mechanic," I was able to resolve the issue within 24 hrs. and get my car back in working order.

I had intended to finish another painted dress for today but, while working on it this morning, got a little frustrated towards the end and figured I'd better just give it a rest for a while. So maybe sometime this week I'll finish that up.

In the meantime, here are shots of the custom pieces.

"Veggie Luvah" purchased as a birthday gift for someone in London. Funny thing about this one is that I'd unintentionally thrown away my stencil and realized that I hadn't saved the image on my computer. So I ended up having to put paper up to the computer screen, trace the cabbage image from an up close shot of another one of these that I'd made, and cut the stencil out. It took a lot, but it got done. (And that's not the first time I've gone the route of paper to screen to get a stencil.) Oh, and I'll be adding the listing for this dress back to my shop soon for anyone interested.

Modified "Tisa Dress" ordered by someone who is an absolute pleasure to work with. (And I say "modified" because the skirt isn't gathered.)

And finally, this is a custom made t-shirt for a spoken word artist friend of mine. The front says, "Hip hop ain't dead...." The back says, " lives in me." "Unspoken" (her stage name), "Get Soul Productions" (her business).

At first I was gonna stencil all those words but decided against that (Too many words to be cutting out with an exacto knife. I would have gotten tired in the process and the results would have been not so good.) Then I was gonna use iron on transfers, which is what she suggested. Since I wasn't feeling that, I just painted it all freestyle by hand. I think it turned out pretty spiffy.

So yeah. Those three pieces pretty much occupied my time last week. I really don't feel like doing anymore sewing today, so I think I'm gonna go lallygag around.


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