Saturday, June 7, 2008


...anybody know how to change an alternator????? I sure do wish I did.

So my car died on me last night for the first time in the nearly eight yrs. that I've had it. I was on my way to the store when all the lights started going dim, the radio started going in and out, warning lights were popping on all over the place, etc. I was told on Wednesday that I need a new alternator after my battery light kept coming on and off. But I didn't think it'd give in this soon. Ironically, just before going to the store last night and before all this occurred, I was researching cars on the internet, cause I know it's about time to get another one. (I can't even express how badly I don't want to start paying a car note.)

I really like this , but if it's up to my dad who's likely going to be helping me get a car, it's gonna be this. It's cool but not really me. But then again, can a car really be you??? Hey whatever. I just need to get around.

At this point I'm so over the whole car/gas thing that I'm tempted to get one of these . Or better yet, just use these more. There's so much stuff I have to haul around, though, that an actual vehicle is more practical.

The thing about sewing and using my hands so much is that it's made me want to do any and all hands-on activities myself. I was all outside under the hood trying to figure out what was what, knowing I had no clue, ha! But I've always had that DIY ( or DIM?)mentality when it comes to anything. I get it from my mama.

So tomorrow I'll be back on track with a more relevant post. Just wanted to share situation. I'm now off to exchange dinero for metal parts.



Raven said...

Yer funny! This and these and this... Why don't you consider a mini or a clubman? They get about 40 mpg!
My hubs is trying to convince me to get one. :)


Julie said...

I love Toyotas (if you just do routine maintenance on them, they last practically forever) and my little Corolla gets great mileage. I would prefer to get a Prius, but they're a little above my price range at the moment. However, if you're looking at hybrids, I know that Honda has good mid-priced options.