Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Plan

Yesterday I saw a flyer stating that some organization or boutique (can't recall) is having a "prom dress drive." Basically they're asking people to donate formal dresses so that they can be distributed to those interested in going to prom but may not be able to afford a dress. Immediately I thought of the formal dresses I've made that are pretty much just sitting around.

At first I was just going to donate them and hope that they make it to someone who could use then. When I got home, though, my thought process really kicked in and another idea came to me. I'm going to send flyers, pictures, and garment measurement to the counselors at some local high schools letting them know that I have a few dresses to give away. That way, if they know of any students unable to afford dresses, they can send them my way. Also, I have a few connections with people who do shows on local access TV. I'll check into getting on there to state what it is I'm doing. Hopefully I can find some ladies to model on air for me. If not, I'll just do it myself.

It's always gratifying to use the skills I have in order to help out other people. Some of you may be familiar with the work I did for the Ethiopian children associated with the Umbrella Child Organization. Maaaaaan! What a good feeling it was to do that.

Being someone who would have *loved* to not have to pay for a dress when I went to prom (really didn't want to go, but people bugged me into it), this is what I can do to assist someone who wouldn't be able to purchase one even if they wanted to due to a lack of funds. I was too thrilled to get my lil dress for $60 at some store in the mall in Irving, Texas, ha!

(Supposedly everyone was supposed to wear white, but of course I wasn't feelin' that. Hey, you're looking at someone who was sent home to change clothes on more than one occasion in high school for violating the dress code. I ended up being voted best dressed, so perhaps it paid off?? My deviance might have also had somehting to do with why the students there have to wear uniforms now. In those days I cared. Now I just throw on anything. Too busy trying to dress others! :-)

It's so funny reading through my "Senior Year" book from high school. In the section concerning the prom, the last line I wrote was, "Basically, it sucked!" ha ha ha!

Seven years ago. Wow.

So anyway. I've decided to give away the turquoise dress (gotta finish it first) as well as the gold one. I have some more formal material that needs to be used, so most likely I'll make a couple more.

Yep. That's what I'm doing. I'll let y'all know how it goes. Hopefully someone will want them!

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Julie said...

What an awesome idea! That way, you'll make sure that your dresses get matched up with the right girls and you get to use your skills to help those in need. Good karma all around. :)