Sunday, April 6, 2008

And the Drama Continues

You know how in movies they'll play that suspense music when something's about to happen or be revealed? That creepy music? Well, that same music might as well have been playing when I stepped into my sewing room this morning.

First of all, I wasn't gonna even sew today. My intentions were to do some reading today, maybe fool around with my lil chia herb garden kit that someone gave me yesterday (lol @ the whole idea of "chia" merchandise.), and deal with my lil veggie seeds that are just beginning to sprout. :-D But I decided that I'd go in there and work on this particular dress that I started about 6 weeks ago.

As sorta mentioned in this particular post, I don't really do formals unless asked...and unless I just happen to have some formal-like material that needs to be used. Well, there was this pretty turquoise satiny fabric in my stash that I wanted to do something with, so I did. After putting the dress together, it occurred to me that
the two back seams were not lined up!!!! aaaaaaaaahhhhh! Nothing bugs me more than the obvious mismatch of seams on my garments. After fooling with it some, frustration got the best of me, and I put it aside to return to it at a later time. That time was today.

So this morning I went in there (as that music played in my mind), took the right side of the zipper out, adjusted the back seams a bit, redid the one zipper side, zipped it up, and the problem persisted. To give you an idea...

(the above photo was taken while the zipper removal was in progress.)

Notice how high up the right seam is in relation to the left. That just can't be!

After going through that process again and getting the same result, I concluded that I'd have to remove the entire zipper (which I was trying to avoid but probably should have just done from the get go) and do it all over...

And of course, my aggravation with the situation manifested itself in the form of a hole in the zipper tape right next to the zipper teeth...

$3 and something zipper gone to waste. :-/ (For those who know about zippers and how you can adjust the length to rectify situations like the above, the hole is too far near the top.) anyway. This dress is back to the "holding cell." I know when it's time to step away from a garment. Any further manipulation at that time probably would have resulted in a big hole in the dress itself, as annoyed as I was. There's no doubt that the seam crisis will be resolved, especially now that the whole zipper has been taken out. I'll undo the back seams, readjust, then put a new zipper back in. To give you an idea of what the dress will look like once it's completely finished, I utilized a few huge safety pins and the cute pink brooch that goes with my neck warmer to get this shot...

Note that this dress is about 3 sizes bigger than me, but a little strategic pinning helped to disguise all that.

Beyond the turquoise drama, I took new shots of those other two formal dresses...

These were at the local boutique, but I removed them some time ago with the intention of trying to get them into this other shop that's formal dress specific. Well, I never got around to that. Honestly, at this point, I really don't feel like it. They've just been hanging out (literally) in the closet, so between today and tomorrow they'll be uploaded to my etsy shop. I'm also gonna try to show 'em around town to prom dress seekers...those two along with the turquoise one (when it's done) as well as a couple more that I'm gonna be making.

As far as Friday's trunk show. It was a nice event, not a huge turnout, but a good crowd nonetheless. My dresses were a hit. :-D. I did have pictures to share but must have accidentally deleted them. They're nowhere to be found. :-/

Something I discovered while there indulging in the veggie try is that I really like artichoke. It was my first time ever having it but won't be my last. mmmmm.

Well, that's it for now. Hope y'all have a beautiful week! :-)

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