Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cuteness From Afar..

...Minnesota to be specific.

(I was supposed to blog about these beauties a long time ago.)

One of my cyber sistas so generously sent me these two lively colored, eye catching neck warmers...

And to show them "in context"...

I really love the hardware on each. The brooch on the pink one is removable, so I can change it up if I wish.

The woman's got skills with the crochet hook. I suggest that you check out her etsy shop for more crochet goodness.

You can see her work here: Breathoflight

As mentioned before, I have a serious thing for neck adornment other than traditional necklaces, so you know I was too thrilled to receive these two lovelies in the mail.

I gave crocheting a go about 3 yrs. ago. While I did manage to successfully produce a pot holder and a drawstring purse, I quickly concluded that it wasn't for me. So now I just let it be and enjoy the crochet goodies of other folk. :-D

Thanks a bunch feepee!


Artisticpixie said...

Your work is great! Thanks again for the dress! I love it! =)

flytie said...

thank YOU! :-)