Monday, March 3, 2008

So, Here I Am...

in the new spot. And when I say "new" I mean new. I hate to even put a nail in the wall. Everything's so...fresh. My last place was pretty "broken in" when I moved in there. It was also more artsy, I guess. Very colorful. Wooden floors. I did love it, but due to circumstances out of my control (read: unruly neighbors and a case of revenge driven arson--towards a neighbor-- that could have killed me and everyone in the building...had I not woken up at 5 am to realize the situation), I had to bounce. I mean, I do wanna live.

This place is cool, though. Plus I have a separate room for sewing, which I've always wanted.

I'm a bit saddened that I'll no longer wake up surrounded by green-ness. :-(

Than again, there are trees all around, so it'll be there....just not in my bedroom. Plus, spring is coming!! :-) An abundance of greenery is in the works.

No more green walls means y'all can expect a new look in my photos. I haven't decided whether to just use the neutral, tan-nish walls or hang something up as a background.

I took a shot of what my sewing room looks like now for your viewing pleasure.

So, yeah. That's what I'm working with at present. :-/ I'll get it together soon.

I've got a style show to put on this weekend, so I must get in there and get to work so that I'll actually have some garments to show! I've been so very busy y'all. But my mind's been working. It'll all be translated to fabric reeeeaaaaal soon...


yellowfish said...

A separate room... that is awesome! congrats! (even without the greenness and psycho neighbors, this place looks good!)

Breath of Light said...

The sewing room view currently isn't THAT pleasurable. But I'm confident you'll work it out. You can always take pics of your stuff outside in the natural greeness!

flytie said...

yeah, i agree. if it means i don't have to have my life threatened, i'll take this place any day!

since i take all my photos myself using the auto feature on the camera and a rigged up prop, taking them outside would be more of a hassle than i'm ready for! i've thought it over, and i think the neutral walls will do just fine.