Thursday, April 17, 2008

Flytie on Ebay

Yes, it's true. I have officially added some of my designs to ebay. *gasp* ha ha!

You can see them here:

I've read so much stuff on the etsy forums about how ebay isn't a good place to sell handmade clothes, but of course, I figured I'd do it any way. Actually, it's been my intention to do so for some time, but only recently did I force myself to sit down and actually add some items.

Right now all the pieces on there are ones that I've been having on hand to for some time. They've just been chillin' out in the closet..never worn or anything. A few reflect my final project from school about 3 yrs ago, such as this lil nunber...

Oh the memories.

Eventually I'll add some new items and give people the chance to bid and win some of my creations at lower prices. Or, perhaps they'll be bid up higher than what I'd normally sell them for. One never knows, does one?? Well see. It might take forever for me to even get around to doing that!

I've been an ebay member for going on six yrs. and have been selling random items for 2 (including a couple skirts I made). It's an ongoing side hustle for me and my guy. So for those deterred by the "0" feedback under my "flytieonline" account (I know how many ebay bidders like to check the feedback comments), you can check the feedback of my other ebay username. And of course there's always my wonderful etsy feedback for flytie as well as sewfly.

Whatever doesn't sell of the older pieces will be donated, or maybe I'll start wearing some of them myself. As I was taking the photos, I thought to myself, "Man! I could rock this!"

In other news, I updated my shop today! Even with all the sewing and creating that's been going on in the past few weeks, it seems as though I've been neglecting it. Now that I can chill a bit on sewing for local venues, new pieces will be added to etsy.

So the newest one is this...

As you may have figured out, it was created from the remaining material used for this dress. Pretty cute, dontcha think?? :-). Hopefully I can find the time to make a few for myself...a very rare occurrence around here!

I'm off to sew!



Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I could sew! Your shirts are awesome!

flytie said...

thanks, and you can! :-D