Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Think I've Had My Fix

I recently uploaded 3 new tunics to my sewfly shop.

They're fun to make, and I do like 'em. However, I think I've had enough for now. It's like food. For the past few weeks I've been wanting nothing but oranges. They've been a huge part of my daily food intake. Now, though, I just about can't stand to look at one.

This happens quite frequently, so no worries. Just gotta keep things diversified or else I get bored.

Hmm...I do know that I wanna make more of these dresses:

Maybe just a few more. In different colors and things. :-)


Cicada Studio said...

I like this dress a lot! Looks fabulous against the green wall, too :)

flytie said...

thank you. :-D i agree. all that color just works!