Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cotton and Baby

I've been sharing various things on my Facebook page here and there, and most recently I shared some images of cotton that I picked from a local cotton tree, deseeded, and cleaned for use.  

This wasn't my first time doing this since being in Hawaii, but the process always gives me insight into the arduous task that those before me had when being forced to do this type of work.   It ain't easy!  However, in my case--having picked only a zip lock bag full from a tree and being able to sit peacefully and comfortably in an air conditioned home while cleaning it--the process can be very meditative.

I'm just thankful.  

Wish I had the means to make cloth!


I really enjoy visiting a thrift store located right down the valley from us, particularly when they're having the 50% sale during the first weekend of each month.  Having a new baby, my focus when going there has shifted.  Before I was just looking at whatever caught my attention. Now I'm usually exclusively focused on baby stuff.   We've come across some many useful items.  Recently we got 2 baby carriers by this company for $4.50 each!  Just before leaving the house the day we got them I was online researching carriers and was looking at paying $40 or more.

I plan to get fabric and make my own, but the ones from the thrift store come in SO handy.  (I'm not too crazy about strollers due to not liking clutter and having a lot of stuff, so the carriers work well for me.  Baby is getting bigger and heavier though, so I may have to change my anti-stroller attitude in the future.)

So, in addition to that thrilling find, I also found this onesie.


I've been a fan of The Very Hungry Caterpillar book since forever, and I found a copy for twenty-five cents sometime last spring at a library book sale.  To have come across this garment really just made my day.  It's 0-3 months though, and the child is growing rapidly.  I'm gonna have to put her in it really soon if I hope for her to ever wear it.

The Kente print fabric behind it will be used to make a headband.

Speaking of that, I made her first headpiece yesterday. :)

Have a great week!


Cut2Clothe said...

:-DDDDDDDDD She is as adorable as I imagined. You are truly blessed and highly favored. :-DDDD

fly Tie said...

yes, i feel so very blessed! she's such a joy.

her personality and will are both so strong even at just 6 weeks. it's amazing. thank you! :-D